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Found 5 results

  1. Why isn't there a Valkyrie Katar weapon? And why is the Legendary Assassin cross Katar weak as compared with other legendary weapons? Will the Forsaken RO admin add one in the future or improve the capabilities of the Legendary Katar? Thanks!
  2. So I just got my hands on the new GS weapon. When I first saw it I was so hyped, but when I finally got it, I was surprised to see it was 2 handed because most of the valkyrie weapons here that are supposed to be two handed are one handed. so I was hoping to get a fix on this by making it one handed. also if you can make gunslinger bless ring coincide with the new weapon. Thank you!!
  3. Seeing how things change drastically specially for paladin classes with the new gears / set i think the pally Halb weapon is being left behind in some sort, i really cant pinpoint at which exactly . Comparing the effects Odins Avenger Vs Pally Halb I can relate this in having Freyrs Blade vs LK Halb. In pally, I see the Pally halb be more of a battle type weapon than as of the Odins, but seeing the Odin effects make me think that Pally Halb is Definitely useless (to be honest). So why not Improve this weapon? My suggestion is. Increase Damage done to Demi-humans: from 17% - 20% STR: 20 Dex: 10 INT: 20 MAX HP: 15%-20% (since adds no vit in this weapon and battle type) MATK: 5% to 10% Increase Grand Cross Damage: from 15% - 20% or 23% (depends) FAQs Why? -Simple to make this class volatile -I think everyone only assumes that pally is only best for support, Devo/Tank/Chant/Ecall -To showcase that pally can also fight using magic and physical. I think as of now ill end it here, so add more inputs here guys thanks!
  4. Midgard Exterminator(Valk Rifle) Dex + 25 Vit + 30 Max HP + 30% ASPD + 5 Reduces the cast time for [Tracking] by 100%. Midgard Desolator(Valk Shotgun)Dex + 30 Hit Rate - 50 Vit + 20 Max HP + 15% Increase Damage of Full Buster by 10% Dust + 20% Spread Shot + 20% Reduce Cast Delay by 10% Midgard Annihilator(Valk Gatling Gun)Dex + 25 Vit + 20 Max HP + 30% ASPD + 10 5% Chance of gaining 1 Coin While Attacking 1% Chance of casting Increase Accuracy While Attacking 1% Chance of casting Disarm Midgard Obliterator(Valk Grenade Launcher)Dex + 20 Vit+ 20 HP/SP +30% ASPD + 5 Ground Drift + 40% Of course stats and bonuses are not final also I'm willing to participate in tetsting the weapons. From Gunslinger's Paradise
  5. Johan

    S> Stalker Sb

    I Selling Stalker SB, Valkyrie Weapon, Like a 750 O Offer me :D Pm at --> Walkind Dead
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