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Found 1 result

  1. Forsaken Academy Learn to play the right way. Purpose: There are so many new players each day, and this is just a way to help them play. Since our server also has a lot of Pro players, and old players with loads of experience, why don't we make use of that? Old Player or Pro Players, and act as a mentor, after passing the system test of course, and get paid with Tokens. The Class: Each lesson is for 1 hour, Students need 5 hours of lessons to take the Passing Test. Once they can pass the test, they are rewarded with a Student badge. +int / + str / +vit /+ dex* *badge acquired according to the class taken. e.g. Wizzard Class will get +int. + Int/Agi/Dex/Str/Vit 25 Conditions for a player to become a Mentor: Must play at least 1 year on this server Must have a wide knowledge about their job Can only teach 1 subject (Jobs= Bio Chemist* or something like, Business Class) Passing the System test Created by the GM, then they will be eligible to teach. Conditions for player to become students: Doesn't have to be a total newbie, I mean old players can still learn new tricks. Pay the class according to the price. E.G. Biochemist class is, 1 token per class or TBA (To Be Advised, 1 token is an example) There's no limit on how many class they can take. They Can only join the class once a day so its a daily thing.. 1 hour a day
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