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Found 1 result

  1. *. Update Notes I. Introduction II. Equipment III. Stats IV. Skills V. Notes *. Update Notes Added High Orc card as a Shield section card recommendation. Emphasized the LHZ Aura (and all auras with similar effects) effectiveness in boosting more HP than Emperium Auroras. Had a little change in the 2x Raydrics description section. Yes it's pretty much for all around use but only against neutral property attacks. Fixed various typos. Added Mini Strello's nice tip in the Notes section. And added a couple more final notes in the Notes section. Various changes. I. Introduction The Paladin (a.k.a. Pally) build I'm about to share with you is the one build you make to go into the front lines and gladly welcome a truckload of punishment. The epitome of defense, this Paladin can have an HP pool so high that it can never be compared to other classes, while taking advantage at the same time an array of skills that center on keeping the Paladin well fortified at all times. I've been a Paladin player for about almost a year and along the way, I've learned and experienced most of the things to know and keep in mind when manning a Pally. This guide is made for the Defense-is-the-best-offense Paladin, and not the STR type, all-out-attack Paladin. II. Equipment Top Headgear Basics Forsaken Knight Helm, Vote Valkyrie Helm, Valkyrie Helm, Valkyrie Expansion HatEarly choices. Goal Halloween Headgear [Evil Marcher Hat, Midas Whisper, Minstrel Song Hat, Magic Stone Hat, Skull Cap, Skull Hood]These further boost your Paladin's HP pool by 15%. 2 slots. Middle Headgear Basics Legendary Auroras, Vote Fallen GhostQuesting for the Legendary Auras is worth the time (they have a variety of styles and designs too, so you pick your poison). Voting for 50 credits and purchasing the Fallen Ghost is worth the time. These Middle Headgears give +20 stats and 1 free slot. Goal LHZ Aurora, Rune of Power, Lovely Ribbon, Mythical Flame, Skull Aurora; or if your budget can handle it, Emperium Auras (All stats +25, Max HP + 5%, Increase damage to Demi-Humans by 4%). - For this build we actually need the one which gives us more HP. So in my opinion, it's best to stick with the LHZ Auroras and the ones with effects alike. Save your Emperium Auroras for another type of Paladin, or better yet, another class, I guess.* LHZ / Rune of Power / Lovely Ribbon Aurora - Increase damage on demihumans by 10%, Max HP + 8% All stats + 20, 1 slot ** Mythical Flame Aurora - Max HP + 3%, All Stats + 20, Reflect 4% of all Physical Melee Damage, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 7%, Add a 10% resistance against Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth properties. 1 slot *** Skull Aurora - All stats + 20, Reduce damage taken from Holy, Poison, Shadow, and Ghost properties by 10%, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 7%. Reflect 4% of physical damage taken. 1 slot Lower Headgear Basics Start off with the Freebie Adventurer's Backpack (All stats + 10, Max HP + 10%, Max SP + 10%), then work your way to getting either the Legendary Balloons (All stats + 10%, Max HP + 7%, 1 slot) and/or voting for the Vote Infernal Paladin Cape (Walking speed + 10% Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Attack + 10%, Reflect + 7%, Str + 10, Vit + 10, 1 slot) in the Control Panel.Goal Paladin Ring of the Divine (Walking Speed + 15%, Reduce damage taken from demi-humans by 5%, Reduce VIT def by 10%, HP + 20%, SP + 5%, VIT + 35, Reflect + 15%, 1 slot)Headgear Cards: Orc Hero Maya Purple Forsaken Soldier Your best bets for your headies are Orc Hero cards for the +3 VIT extra. Compound 2 Orc Hero cards into your chosen Top Headgear. Another Orc Hero (for more HP) and/or Maya Purple (for True Sight) for the Middle or Lower Headgear slots. Forsaken Soldier card is optional but is very useful. You are very vulnerable when stoned. Use Gemini cards as substitute if you're on a tight budget. Armor Basics Forsaken Knight Armor, Vote Forsaken King ArmorGoal Forsaken King ArmorCards: Ghostring/Tao Gunka - Serves as my default. Ghostring/RSX - If you're not FCPd and you don't want your armors breaking and to prevent people from pushing you around. Ghostring/Orc Lord - For melee reflecting purposes. I'm not a fan of a Pally killing a Champ from reflect but dies at the same time because his reduction is not enough to spare him a few HP to live. What I do instead is switch to a non-Usakoring shield [GTB?] if the Champ is able to tank the punishment you currently offer using this armor. Cloak Basics Forsaken Knight Cloak, Vote Forsaken King CloakGoal Forsaken King Cloak, +10 Valkyrian ManteauCards: 2x Skoll - Serves as my default; completely shuts down Memory of Thanatos card bonus damage to characters with High VIT Defense while also increasing your Maximum HP pool by a total of 12%. 2x Deviling - Occasionally used to shrug off most of the Neutral element skill damage like Asura Strike (that is if you are kind enough to not just kill them with reflect) , Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb) , etc. 2x Raydric - Serves as the all-around-cloak-of-NEUTRAL-damage-reduction in PVP but also invites almost instant death against Thanatos card users, but as you know, when it comes to melee-with-thana opponents, you should welcome the damage because you'll just be giving it right back. *Put either a Deviling or Skoll or Raydric in the +10 Valkyrian Manteau. This cloak enhances reflect but leaves you vulnerable to freezing (you need to have a complete King/Knight set to be immune to Freeze). Shoes Basics Forsaken Knight Boots, Vote Forsaken King BootsGoal Forsaken King BootsCards: Dragoon Wizard/General Egnigem Cenia - Serves as my default. Annoying. 10% chance of Auto Level 10 Kyrie Eleison + a total of 15% Max HP and SP 2x Am Mut - This one is for reflect damage boost against the melee types according to Él Cholo. "The more damage you receive, the more reflect damage you give". Weapon Basics Legendary Paladin Spear [4]Goal Odin's Avenger [4]Cards: Fabre x4 Metaling, Dragoon Warlord, Valkyrie Randgris, Lord of the Dead - Best stripper. Use it for the effects of the cards and not for damage. Strip, Dispell, and Coma (or the various other debuffs) ... if it ever works. Shield Basics Forsaken Knight Shield, Vote Forsaken King ShieldGoal Frigg's King ShieldCards: Usakoring - Serves as my default. Golden Thief Bug - Serves as secondary default for some reason. Maya - If we prefer of course to reflect single target magical damage too. And according to Misdemeanor, you can try putting this one in the "Orleans' Server" shield, which I agreed that it is a fairly legal, basic strat. High Orc - For what it's worth, this card adds another 5% physical damage reflect back to the enemy that inflicted it. Since we're all for reflect on this one then we might as well add this. Accessory Basics 2x Legendary VIT Gauntlets, 2x Forsaken VIT BeltsGoal 2x Asgard's Essence [1 slot] (with a VIT Rune)Cards: No cards to recommend. Stick with the VIT Runes.*As an addition to your goals, make sure to get 2 or more of each Forsaken King set piece (and even extra Top Headgears to easily switch from 2x Orc Hero to 2x Kiel and vice versa) to accommodate all cards I've listed and use them as your "switching gears" to adjust according to your current situation. III. Stats STR: I have no other recommendations as to how many you should put here because mine sits at 165 base STR. If you opted not to use the 300 VIT build, then you can put a little more in here for the sake of ATK damage and carrying a little bit more seeds. I can carry around 420 seeds on 165 base STR. AGI: Leftover stats. I'm currently at 61+53 AGI and my ASPD is 178 unbuffed. Its peak is 190 while buffed with Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Berserk Potion, Increase AGI, Blessing, and Spear Quicken. VIT: 280 or 290 or 300 - I maxed mine out at 300. Advantage is more HP, Disadvantage is less stat points to make up for either STR to carry more seeds and higher ATK damage or for AGI to reach the 195 max ASPD. INT: 1 DEX: Total of 150 without the Blessing buff. No more, no less. This is mostly just to remove the casting for Devotion. My current DEX shows as 122+28 (assuming you have a complete gear) LUK: 1 IV. Skills Defense skills to always use: Battle Chant - If you're alone and not in a party to give mates the double attack damage bonus and many other benefits, use it to remove most nasty debuffs like being stripped or slowed. Endure - Anti-flinching. Guard - Your built in Kyrie Eleison skill. Shrink - Only useful while the Guard skill is active as it pushes enemies away from you by a certain chance of the Auto Guard procs. This is a Platinum Skill and you can get it from the Forsaken Kafra. Shield Reflect - Reflects melee damage only! Defending Aura - Best counter second to Pneuma against ranged assaults regardless whether it's skill or physical long-ranged damage. Supportive Skills: Devotion - Become a full time masochist and save up to 5 mates in your party from taking up too much damage. We welcome damage, we don't reject it. Spear Quicken - For ASPD. Useful for Martyr's Reckoning and/or while in a stripper spear. Berserk - Barely matters sometimes but we need all the help we can get. Applies LVL10 Provoke on you once your HP goes below 25%. Could be useful for a sudden, hopefully-not-your-final burst of damage. Provoke - The middle finger for Ecallers in WoE. Offensive Skills: Martyr's Reckoning - Higher HP + Card bonuses + it ignores defense (as if it really matters) = 1 hell of a punishment. Magnum Break - Half Supportive, Half Offensive skill. Boosts damage blah blah to this and to that and it helps nudge people out of hiding. Gloria Domini - I find this gem-of-a-skill interesting as it can instantly flush 40% of an opponents SP down the drain while dealing a pure but puny 2000 damage. V. Notes The secret of being a great Paladin is to make your mates rely and trust their lives on to you. Seriously. Make them worry about how to kill the opponents as fast and as effectively as possible and not about if they will survive the firefight. They're the swords and you are the shield. You take care of survival while they go full nuts and put everything they have on attack. Waste your seeds, don't get overwhelmed by all the damage you might take. Keep your Defensive Skills active. Don't get caught off guard. Pun intended. Keep all the upgradeable gear on +0. Your awesome defensive buffs can not be dispelled as long as you have your GTB shield on. Watch out for Clowns and Gypsies as they can dispel your buffs (and even break your equipment) with the simple use of Tarot Cards of Fate even on GTB. Creds to Mini Strello for this. Always keep your @storage on one of your hotkeys to conveniently grab more seeds when you go low. By the time of this update, I have already completed the STR Paladin guide so you might wanna check out how that one works and differs from here. ***** Acknowledgements ***** - Él Cholo "Bloody Bill Anderson" for introducing the Paladin class to me and helping me understand and build it up. - Lu and a bunch of all her chars as punching bag to test how hard i hit and for some helpful tips against other classes. - And of course, the rest of my mates in Rubicon, the "just for the LOLs", fashion, and chatty-chat-chat guild (now on Facebunk and Skarpe too!). - This guide could be updated in the future.
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