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Found 2 results

  1. Since Cursed sniper rune+Cursed sinX rune have its own cursed MVP to drop in-game(for_map56) ❤️ Cursed creator rune+Cursed professor rune+Cursed wizard rune, should have its own cursed MVP to drop in-game too :3 Map-spawn for these 3 cursed rune's MVP=same map within(for_map56) I think this suggestion won't harm the server by major totally ❤️ [personal thoughts XD] [variety server's economy grown-up method] Ps: spawn time for those 3 cursed rune MVP's is up to GM's developer team decision ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope this suggestion would be loved too :3 Please reply ur thoughts within this thread too, yorokobe ❤️❤️❤️
  2. This build are only for PVM and MVP. Also the second best option besides DEX/VIT/INT build gs. Stat: STR:1-50(bonus atk+weight)*each 5 str=1 atk* AGI:120-130(add dex, then agi*195aspd*) VIT:100(status immunity) INT:1(coz ur a crit gs) DEX:250-280(max damages) LUK:120-150(max critical rate, perfect dodge,bonus hit+atk) Equips:use grenade launcher(pierces mvp hard def), gatling gun, rifle, shotgun(3 cells splash damage) for better damage outputs) Head upper:Fking helm(2xGrand peco card) Head middle:Anything(Vanberk card) Head lower:Anything(Vanberk card/maya purple card/pharaoh card) Armor:Fking armor(Pecopeco card+ghostring card/tao gunka card/argiope card/high priest card) Weapon:eisa's ember/nari's harbinger/legendary shotgun(2xArcher skeleton card/2xDrosera card/2xTurtle general card/2xPhreeoni card/*baphomet card*) Garment:Fking cloak(2xGreen maiden card/Green maiden card+deviling card) Footgear:Fking shoe(2xGreen ferus card/firelock soldier card/general egnigem cenia card) Accessory:Anything(Ifrit card)+LUK gauntet/2x LUK gauntet/LUK gauntet+DEX gauntet *Grand peco+pecopeco combo effect: DEF+3, VIT+3* *Baphomet gave extra 9 cells splash melee/range+DEX-10 while auto-attack(ctrl+click) Enjoy, fellow gunslingers :th_e8:
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