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Found 1 result

  1. OBJECTIVE - is to make Sinx Crit build more Effective on PVP,PVM,and ETC IDEA - So, My Idea is to make a Katar Weapon sole purpose for Crit Build Sinx. (More info Below) Introduction- What is Critical Hit? Critical Hit is a normal attack hit that ignores the Def and Flee of the victim. However, it does not ignore Perfect Dodge. Critical Hit Rate: The Critical Hit rating, which increases damage by 40%. Offensive skills do not take CRIT into account except for a few exceptions like Focused Arrow Strike. Critical Hit also ignores Flee rate but not Perfect Dodge nor DEF. Critical Hit Rate is doubled when wielding a Katar type weapon. So, My suggestion is why not make a Crit Katar Weapon for Sinx Bless Crit build? I research some bit and said Crit Benefits more from katar. Also, Its senseful to use Crits with Katar, since their crit value is doubled if they happen to use katar class weapons. However, crits can be useful for other classes too, such as sniper. Crit is best used on a katar assassin, but some other classes can benefit greatly from SOME crit(but not as much as a sinx would). Also, Katar is 2 handed weapon so my suggestion would be like this; I tried Experimenting at first with this 3 weapon. As you can see Katar is 2 handed so we cant use friggs. but, we want maximum damage output on it. Reference: Assassin Cross Oriental Crit Sword [4] Agi + 20, Luk + 30, Str + 20, Critical rate + 30, Perfect Dodge + 10, Increase damage on Demihumans by 15%, ASPD + 5, Unbreakable. Kitty Claws [4] Cast delay rate -10%, -10% damage taken from all enemies, +10% Max SP, +15 vit/dex. Unbreakable. Fenrir’s Feral Dagger [4] Str + 8 Agi + 8 Luck + 8 Max SP + 15% Increase damage on demihumans by 5% Increase damage on Small sized monsters by 10% My Suggestion. Katar [4] (2 hand) (Not yet Final Just a reference) Agi+ 28 or 30 Luk+ 38 or 40 Str+ 38 or 40 Max Hp+ 10% Critical rate + 30 (reference on O.Crit) Perfect Dodge + 10 (reference on O.Crit) Vit+ 15 (reference Kitty Claw) Max SP + 15% (reference on Fenrir Dagger.) -10% or 15% damage taken from all enemies (Reference on Kitty Claw, If possible a little bit more like 15% so we can survive more) Inflict 40% more damage with Critical attacks. (Reference for left hand weapon for sinx dagger 2Paper) Increase damage on Demihumans by 20% (reference on fenrir dagger and o.crit) Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 35%. or 40% (reference on left hand weapon for sinx dagger 2TG) Increase damage on Small sized monsters by 10% (reference on Fenrir Dagger) Reduced damage of Sonic Blow by ??% (by cetain percentage so it wont be op while using it with sonic blow) New Suggestion Effect Of Katar; (Updated) Str + 30 Luk + 40 Agi + 30 Critical rate + 30 Perfect Dodge + 15 ASPD + 5 Receive more damage from demihuman by 10% Increase damage on Demihumans by 20% Enables use of Level 1 Berserk. Inflict 50% more damage with Critical attacks. Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 30-40% Reduced damage of Sonic Blow by ???% (render SB useless) as you can see here if i put the same stat as o.crit the o.crit will lose its purpose instead i put berserk. the lk card has reduce hp but instead i put 10% More damage taken cause they have no shield so they need more hp. tbh lk card is most useful by sinx and the appearance of amad and bijou including f.sold card makes the slot for lk card not needed. so, to avoid making o.crit dead we should make weap that will not make o.crit dead and will also be useful to sinx. Additional information: I added those dmg so that we can benefit from it more because 2 handed katar has only 4 slot compare to dual weapon 8Slot This cannot be used with thana if you think it would be op with thana user. it has luck and crit rate and thana user benefits from normal attack. If it would be to op using Sonic Blow Why not* reduce dmg of it while using this weapon? If possible guys you can suggest more to it i feel this is not complete or incomplete. I like to make crit build sinx better thats my insight.
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