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Found 1 result

  1. First, you need to reach BaseLvl255/Joblvl255(for transcend)50(for TK boy/girl or super novice). ask someone who can boost you.. Then You Need To Talk to Prince Theodore III Farm(@ali chivalry emblem) the item "Chivalry Emblem" use @whodrops chivalry emblem . then use @whereis <monster id ex. raydric> to find where the mobs are. lastly use @warp <area ex. gl_cas02> Take note of the Capitals, commas and spaces. Servant Good, Light, and Life Truth and Justice To use his might to protect the right Humble, Responsible, and Wise after giving the Chivalry Emblems to Prince Theodore III, type @warp fcity 179 179 and talk to the NPC. Warp for_fild05 293 320 and talk to the NPC again. Warp for_fild04 179 128 and talk to the NPC. Then @warp cmd_fild08 126 193, and talk to the Mischievous Man and kill him. after killing the summoned Man, talk to him again.. just spam enter key. After that.. @warp cmd_fild08 81 188 and talk to the 2 NPC. to be sure talk to them alternately and twice.. LOL after that go back to Prince Theodore and Poof.. You are now considered a Forsaken Knight.
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