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Found 1 result

  1. OBJECTIVE - Change of WOE castles or just PRT castle IDEA - Basically my target is just PRT. My intention is not to ruin its economy but how the castle is configured can easily be defended by a big guild, not unless you have a bigger guild or more guilds attacking it. The outcome of that is pretty obvious. Now you are gonna ask HOW is PRT easily defended. All it has to do is that WARP through the flag which moves the player 1 few cells away from the emp room. The other castles dont have that luxury. Most of them have their warping locations 1 room away from the emp room. Castle warp point > Pre emp room > Emp room. Rather than rely on ecall players can just warp in easily through the flag which is pretty tiring work for an offensive guild. The defensive guild should have their castles warp room 2 rooms away from emp room. By doing this, the defense guild will have to go through the offense guild first before they can go to the emp room rather than walk a few cells easily. PRT is the only one that has it as Castle warp point > Emp room If it is possible, all castles should have the same number of rooms before reaching the emp room. For example, room > warp point > room > emp room. Except for 2.0 as it has its own format An addition would be to fix the number of entry points to a castle. Euro's Mers has 2 entry points while the other one has only 1. Actually, all the other castles only have 1 entry point except for Mers. The other entry point warp can just be removed in Mers IMO TEAM - @Genesis @Veracity @Dream RESULTS - Either just change PRT or all the castles but what I am suggesting is that the location of those elements from the rest of the castles are linear to one another: Castle warp point > Pre emp room > Emp room and to also fix the castle entry points(if necessary) Cheers!
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