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Found 3 results

  1. Weekly Forum Event Instructions: You should dress your character up, depending on your personal fashion style. Play with the colors and headgears, make sure that your output wouldn't be too much. Take a screenshot of your character that is zoomed in/cropped, then post it here together with an amazing fashion caption. Have fun! Mechanics: The character and gears should be in ForsakenRO only. Put your ingame name at the end of your screenshot caption. Click Alt + End to make your HP Bar temporarily disappear so we can clearly see your character. You can submit up to 3 entries but it should have different chars in it (Only 1 will be included if all 3 entries have the same character) Looking for a good map to show your fashion style is included in the criteria. You must not show the whole place, only your character with a background. Any headgear is allowed to be used (Vote, Quest, Event, and Donations). I'll be judging your way of creating a unique style, not how expensive your character looks. Criteria: Originality: 20% Background: 10% Over-all style: 20% Resourcefulness: 10% Creativity and Neatness: 20% Design and way of using colors: 20% Prizes: 1st place: 20 Event Tokens 2nd place: 12 Event Tokens 3rd place: 7 Event Tokens Start date: 8/22/15 (20:25:00 servertime) End date: 8/29/15 (00:00:00 servertime) Here's my fashion style I call it, "The 4 Faces of Victoria" Good luck to all the Participants! You can now submit your entries!
  2. "Short Story" Weekly Forum Event Instructions: You shall create your own story about ForsakenRO. May it be from your adventure, about a friend, origin of a monster, a city, etc. Use your creative imagination. You can include our ForsakenRO Staffs in your story. Have fun! Mechanics: You can submit only 1 entry The story should be about ForsakenRO only Put your ingame name at the end of your entry. You can include non-realistic scenes on your story, however, keep it limited. Submission of stories that are not about ForsakenRO will result to losing. You have been warned. You can base your story on a book you like, but remember to put the title of the book at the end of your post. You shall not copy stories from other websites, you can however get ideas but remember to include your credits/source. You can include screenshots if you would like though it'll only be 5% of the Criteria but it will somehow make people read your story. You can include our ForsakenRO Staffs in your story, but keep it restricted, and having to attack our staffs through your story will result to immediate disqualification. Including our ForsakenRO Staffs won't make your story be better on my eyes, I'll think of them as normal people only though it will somehow entertain our ForsakenRO Staffs when they read your stories. Criteria: Climax - 20% Storyline - 30% Characters - 15% Attention Grabber - 5% Use of Plot Twists - 10% Theme of the story - 10% Over-all Neatness, Presentation, and Organization - 10% Prizes: 1st place: 20 Event Tokens 2nd place: 12 Event Tokens 3rd place: 7 Event Tokens Start date: 8/17/15 00:00:00 End date: 8/22/15 00:00:00 You can submit your entries now! Good luck to all the participants!
  3. Mechanics: The screenshot should be taken in ForsakenRO only You must dress your character depending on what side you are in. You can only choose three sides, Heaven, Hell, or both, if there will be a human in your screenshot, it will be portrayed by a novice. You can submit up to 3 Entries per player, creating an alternate account is punishable by disqualification for all weekly forum events. You can edit/put filter/caption on your screenshot, Be creative. However, putting images (Icons, RMS Char simulator avatars, etc.) is not allowed Don't know how to upload your screenshot? Click Here, scroll down and look for Ares' uploading Guide Criteria: Caption - 10% Originality - 30% Relevance to the Theme - 30% Impact (Neatness, Organize, Presentation) - 30% Prizes: 1st place - 20 Event Tokens 2nd place - 12 Event Tokens 3rd place - 7 Event Tokens Start date: 8/9/15 (22:00:00 server time) End date: 8/15/15 (00:00:00 server time) The humans are praying, the Angels are watching You can submit your entries now! Goodluck to all the participants!
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