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Found 2 results

  1. There is already a thread with this suggestion, here is the link : http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/28749-magic/ thePast has suggested some of his works, and Genesis said that we will have to suggest specific effects and sprites therefore, I am bringing up that topic again for spriting and effect ideas that the new players can possibly suggest I am bad at editing, and I don't know how to make sprites, but I will be giving my ideas which are not up for implementation, but will give those who are experts in spriting an idea on what aura they should make. Butterfly Aura All Stats + 20, Maximum HP + 5%, Increases physical damage by 5%, Increases your magic attack power by 10% 1 slot, equips in mid And here are a few of my suggested effects (will be adding more soon) All Stats + 20, MATK + 10%, Reflect + 5% All Stats + 20, MATK + 15%, Max SP + 20% All Stats + 20, Max HP + 10%, MATK + 10%, Mdef+30 All Stats + 20, Max HP+5%, MATK + 10%, Increase movement speed by 10% All Stats + 20, MATK + 10%, Reduce damage received from demi-humans by 3% Here is one aura that I found in google I have a few ideas but I cannot show how it looks like, but you will know what I mean with just the name of the auras Music ring (Music Notes surrounding your character like the Flower Ring, Day Aura etc.) Snow Aura (There will be falling snow on your character making it sparkle and white) Rain Aura (There will be droplets of water falling from your head) And here are monsters that has a sprite that would look good if it was made into an Aura Gioia (The circle thingy) Coelacanth (The Bubbles, it will be like a Bubble Aura and be similar to the lhz aura) Incantation Samurai (The Samurai itself) Dark Lord (just like thePast's example) Kiel (The dark being behind him) Lord of Death (The whispers can possibly be made into an aura) Chimera (The snakes at the back will look cool as a mid headgear just like backpacks/wings) Aliot (similar to Chimera, but this one is Mechanical) Tao Gunka (The three totems) Plasma (It will be like a lightning aura) = Okay that is all, I tried putting a character on some of them for you guys to be able to see what I mean. (The Samurai at the back is a little transparent than in here just like the the real monster) That is all I can do, I am bad after all That's it! I hope some of you would suggest your ideas and let's help the server together! Btw, they are not impossible to be implemented since I've seen them work before, and I for one can say that it looks so AWESOME!
  2. I would like to suggest adding 10 or 15% magic defense ignore to every type of monster boss and normal on Legendary staffs
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