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Found 4 results

  1. Okay so... when I spawn my homunculus but when its going to attack something... this error appears: "./AI/AI.lua:303: bad argument #2 to 'Move' (number expected, got nil)" What should I do?
  2. Yo! This granny here needs some help. It's been about 500 years since I last played and now I started again in this server and I have completely forgotten how to play. Lol. So I was wondering how do I get homunculus and also how to make the potions for potion pitcher and acid demonstration?
  3. Edit: Had to restart my whole computer, seems I was having problems with it. So sorry!!!
  4. Hello World!. I need some help on looting when it disappear to fast and my Homunculus is actively hitting monsters and i can't get the specific loot i want that fast. please make it possible to autoloot with Homunculus or at least make the loot expire longer. Please Help. Thank you
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