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  1. I like your idea. It would be nice to have any kind of reward. Maybe also MVPs can drop tikets - concetrated speed pots, seeds or token voucher, maybe thana summon scroll, cape/weapon voucher with very small chance? Or maybe even more - MVP tokens, that can be exchanged for rewards or traded into different token types. Or maybe create MVP rank (simialr to PVP rank). People with most MVPs killed in some particular day/time period or week can get some reward for most active MVP hunters.
  2. This would be desired. If many people would camp for MVPs, others will see people warping around map, so then will join the search and there will be more competition in hunting ? And MVP hunting will become more lively than it is today. And single person/group will not be able to take over ALL MVPs, there too much of them and you just cannot keep times of that many MVPs. I am hunting a lot of MVPs and now it is quite boring, I would like to make it more exciting!
  3. Only best MVPs are camped - like Ifrit and Gloom, most of them are very easy to get -try to get Stormy Knight, Pharaoh or many others. So it is quite easy to get some times if you are patient enough. Many of them are always there, no one even bothers to kill them. Maybe in last month there is slighter bigger price, because not many people now hunt MVPs. But card prices generally go down in like few months period. As for lists e.g. - cards: Ifrit, TG, TGK, GTB, Gloom, Kiel, FBH and others. loots: Drake-BoF, Eddga - Bear Sinew, BR - BoG and others. But like Pharaoh or SK does have nothing interesting. MVP Lootbox is a box you get for killing scheduled MVP that appears in for_filds - there is announcments for them. They drop different things - from tokens to int/str/dex/.. books
  4. Recently I saw that less and less people hunt MVPs, also cards are getting cheaper, so there is less and less sense and fun in hunting regular MVPs. What is more, some MVPs are never hunted, because their cards does not have any interesting effect and they do not drop any stuff that is relevant for quests. In order to make more fun of MVPs hunting and make more people doing this I would add a small chance (1% or 0.5%) for every regular MVP to drop "MVP Lootbox". This will encourage much more people to hunt MVPs and make it much more fun. Also, MVPs that people are currently not interested in, will also become target for hunters!
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