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  1. It would require a massive change for each and every custom gears/system that we have just to accommodate these 3rd job classes. 11 years worth of updates intended only for up to trans classes would have to rework entirely. That sounds a bit impossible.
  2. Hi, is there any upcoming updates? New hats? or new ring variant perhaps? I'm itching to update my wardrobe. Huehuehue.
  3. Complete troll PD build equips: Upper: Helm of Hermes [Isilla cards] Mid: Aurora of Love / or any aura if u can't afford that. [Isilla card] Lower: Transparent wings Weapon: Fortune Sword Armors: Vote King Armor [Orc Lords. Lul] Vote King Cloak [Choco cards] Vote King Boots [Fox cards] Vote King Shield [GTB] Accessory: Rosary[Yoyo cards] Stats: Agi: 300 Luk: until desired PD with all complete equips mentioned above, 100 PD is the best. The rest up to you.
  4. Just don't follow the silver kiels part. For starters, better use the freebies as i said. Regarding the expert rings, what class are u using btw? Anyhow, you won't be needing expert rings as the freebie oliver + backpack combo gives 90% aftercast delay reduction. That's pretty much all you need. You can use str gaunts for more loot carrying capacity, that's just my suggestion though.
  5. I think 4 silver kiels don't work. Just use the freebie oliver headgear + backpack combo, it has effect of 3 real kiels. No need for silver kiels. Expert ring is only for rebirthed job if im not mistaken.
  6. Try to reset your character position through control panel.
  7. S>LK Bslayer scarf set [frery]. Leave offer.
  8. SL is not expensive, vote and l.gears are just fine. Problem is, spamming Esma (main offensive skill) can be a bit annoying when you don't have low ping or macro. My fingers cramps when i do it as fast as i can. Lol. Tho esma is so powerful, sniper is the easier option.
  9. You're not proving any point. Just keep saying nerf it blah blah. To tell you, I'm able to fight those classes you mentioned with my main. Probably you couldn't that's why you want them to get nerfed. To be honest, it will be in favor with me if you nerf those classes as you like, makes it easier to fight them, but that's just isn't logical kid. @gunxsword11 is right, you can't just compare your pathetic self to those who fully invested to their main chars. They invested so much time, money and effort to master and perfect the class. Any killer class with full top of the line gears with devo and is a dedicated killer will definitely be godlike.
  10. https://forsaken-ro.net/download/ Download the All-in-one
  11. All of these for me doesn't need any nerf. Clown G is decent as i see it. Ninja, lulz, too easy. Only macro makes them op, but not the class itself and the current set up as a whole. Gunslinger G, just a glass cannon. They die in 1.37 secs w/o devo. Haha. I have no comment on wiz, i don't have much experience on it.
  12. True. We should consider rare items as to keeping their value and rarity.
  14. +1 What type of aura would that be? Emp's? Lhz's? Butts'? Skull's? Myth's? Zod's? or random type? Pros: - More revenue for the server - Another exciting stuff to wait for (tbh, i've been sooo wanting to have some new lhz/rop/tissue variants. huehue) Cons: - Might affect the value of some auras like the new BR and GvG auras.
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