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  1. 1. Read. Spend some hours reading and understanding the know-how of this game. You can start reading from here. 2. It's in #1 3. It's in #1 4. There's this guild called "Newbie Guild". I believe they help newbies. I just don't know where do they hangout. 5. Months for active players. 6. Depends on the time zone. 7. Yes. 8. Both. Kind and toxic 9. Free to play of course. The only advantage of a donator is "time". 10. Indeed worth playing. A legend server (over a decade), not something that closes after 2 months.
  2. Table above is an overview and simple guide of equipment progression so newbies can see what should they aim for in the future. Notes & Tips: 1. You can easily reach almost half of Level 2 on your very first 1-2 days of active playing. 2. You can join WoE with only full level 2 equips. 3. Level 3 is the full donate set (all obtainable in game). If you want to Pvp decently, you have to at least reach this level. 4. Level 4 is the end game equipment. It would require tons of quest and farming and grinding for you to reach this level. 5. Level 5 column is a permanent buff for your character and/or whole account. Overall guides for more detailed stuff: Newbie Guide 101: Overview of the Basics Newbie Guide fRO by NOOB / KING
  3. For now, you can reset your character position through control panel. Vote & CP > Log in > My Account > select your character > Reset position.
  4. Sold bro. Long time ago.
  5. This is cool update. I'd say skoll card is more balanced now. And parties being disabled in fild, this will encourage more players, randoms, or solo players like me to participate in pvp.
  6. Maschine Studio

    Sold out

    Selling: Nltd Amber Emp: 3k sold Black LHZ: 1k sold Loki Seal [clean]: 2.2k sold
  7. Well i see no harm if u want to use this outside raids, but the increase of damage received from demi humans will surely stop u from doin that. You might as well use this for mvp-ing in general, so then, "raider's shield" would be inappropriate name for it. Achilles King shield sounds really good tho.
  8. @whereis petite Use that command for searching mobs, just make sure you spell the name correctly or get the mob name or ID from ratemyserver.
  9. What's your IGN? If i'm online i will give you one.
  10. 1. 50-100 non woe, 150-200+ woe (excluding vendors) 2. Not p2w. End game gears = donation items (obtainable in game) + questing and grinding. 3. 3 big guilds + other smaller ones. 4. Mostly asians. If you want to know the overview of everything, check this one out. (haven't included the recent updates tho.) And once you get the grasp of the basics, here's a full and in depth guide.
  11. I agree with this as well, those cheap redux gears are helping newbies to participate and experience woe even as a support without dying in .05 secs. I don't know why they don't see it. This eliminates every aspiring newbie to experience woe on basic gears. If woe-ing requires full end game gears to be able to participate and perform decently, i guess you aint't expecting the woe population to increase. I don't agree with nerfing prof energy coat tho, this will help a bolter prof to at least be a little tougher. Maybe there's other way to work around with this situation, like reducing those reducts items' "redux percentage" for prof only, something like that.
  12. S/T>Nltd Amber Emp 3k or = Skull Aura+toks S/T>Black LHZ 1.3k or = Striking black necro hood Closed. Transferred to diff section.
  13. All in one https://forsaken-ro.net/download/
  14. S/T>Thana=Urds[R] = got already B>+10 Fking ABC set Closed.
  15. Try @whereis savage babe. You'll see the maps where this mob respawns.
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