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  1. S/T>Thana=Urds[R] B>+10 Fking ABC
  2. Try @whereis savage babe. You'll see the maps where this mob respawns.
  3. Yo! Some love for enchanted headgears. I'm suggesting new sprites/variants for our beloved Brutal, Magical and Striking headgears. Thanks.
  4. Combining pouring cards into 1 card is a good idea. +1 to this. But may i suggest to keep the original fas bonus, means total of 20%, then slightly buff the ds bonus like he said, 25% or higher. And ofc, only 1 card is allowed.
  5. I was actually thinking how it will affect the market. But there are ways to work around that to protect the market value of rings. Like the duration of rent time, rental fee, and limiting the number of rental rings per account or rather, IP. We can work around these parameters to minimize the effect, or we can say negative effect in the market. We can lessen the rent duration, like 4-5 hrs only. Rental fee should be affordable, but high enough so that people would not want to spend that certain amount of tokens every single day just to have a ring. I myself would not do that, only for testing stuff and experimenting builds. And as well as there should be a limit of number of rental items per ip, like only 1 rental ring is allowed at a time per ip, then you have to wait 24hrs to be able to rent again. Those are just suggestions on how to work around with the parameters given.
  6. My thoughts: I disagree. This divine hg's doin me concern (doggo grammar. lol) They are upgrades of ltd hats, but i believe no any single headgear should give everything you ask for. You want more hp?, go halloween, you want maximum dmg? go activity ok hg's, you want overall balance? go ltd hats, you want specialized hats? go enchanted hats. That's where the dynamics of switching comes in. I have split thoughts about this. Of course I want skoll to get nerfed so my thana attacks would be better, also thana prices would go up a little bit. But on the other hand, people who doesn't have thana (i mean, non thana and non incan attacks) has better chance to pvp and deal decent amount of dmg. Agree on buffing sniper b more.
  7. Proposed Raider's Ultimate Shield You wanna use the best shied in game aka Frigg's in raiding but u hatin that 10% vit def reducts? Say no more!! A new proposed shield intended for raid lovers. Proposed stats: Max HP +10% Str +5 Vit +5 Dex + 5 Int + 5 Reduce dmg received from boss-type monsters by 10% Increase dmg received from demi-human by 5% [optional, wachu think?] It can work outside raids, but where would you use this shield other than raids and mvp? Stats derived from friggs with some modifications. Quest could be as hard as friggs shield, or for convenience of the developers, we can use the same friggs story line and change only the last part where there will be an option between Frigg's or Raider's shield.
  8. I'm not sure about the orbs tho, i mean, i don't see the difference if it's normal orbs or just like other ppl suggested to make it unlimited, i find there's no big impact, just extra weight for seeds. Hahaha. I'm kinda confused why they disabled leap in fild. Ninja isn't op-ed with the exception of brian, but other than that, i find ninja isn't op at all. I mean, ninja is a ninja, by nature, it has to be quick and evasive. They could've just reduced its overall dmg output but considering the viability in pvp, keeping a decent dmg output is better than having the ability to leap. So i'm really confused.
  9. I myself already gave up on pvp recently. Reason is i'm a super casual player. I'm busy irl and i can't go hardcore anymore but i still try to play whenever i get some free time. Players like me would definitely have hard time catching up to pvp scene unless they are old player and are rich already. With regards to the pvp dynamics, majority is like 1 op skill that is buffed by op items, put in macro to spam, turn on macro seeds and go kill them all. Effortless. That's not exciting anymore at least for me, maybe i'm wrong but that's how i see it. Fortunately, there are still lots of things i can enjoy in the game. Helping my friends on their quests, raids and even casual farming or pvping, or just hanging out with them. I still find those little things to be enjoyable.
  10. This particular effect of Nosveres card, is it physical attack?
  11. Hello, Just a small thing but i noticed, the "Latest Updates" section in fRO website has an error, it isn't showing the recent updates done in the server. This is kinda bad for new potential players when they browse and don't see any regular updates displayed on the website.
  12. I didn't get why it would be too long or hard. My suggestion is not for a guild package, it's for individual renting. Like, "oh i'm a Prof, i want to know which build i would want to pursue. Oh hey there's a ring rental npc, cool. Hmm, lemme try all one by one." You pay the rental fee (toks or etoks, whatever) and then voila!! You got the ring to use and test for a day. True, ND rings can provide you the idea of what all class builds can do, but questing them, one by one, would take a lot of time and probably considerable amount of resources just to figure out what build suits you and your play style. Don't get me wrong, i'm not against grinding and working hard. But it is best when we start to grind and work hard, we already have the direction and goal. Not like giving all your effort and time and resources to grind and build a Prof Gring and eventually you find that all your efforts are a bit of waste because that build is just no good. These proposed rental rings would definitely give you a direction on which path you would take without wasting a lot of time, so much time that is better invested in a "grind with definite goal".
  13. Someone suggested about this long time ago and i myself was thinking that's a good idea. So i'm suggesting to have Rental Rings: Blessed, Cursed & Guardian rings. Full effect and class specific, not the ND effect similar to the new guild package rental system. Reason: This is for anyone to easily test any available ring in a live pvp/woe scenario. As we all know, there are lots of rings that are a bit left behind and no one is even bothering to quest and use them as they don't want to risk spending money and time for an item that might not be really worth it. Some of these rings might need a rework or something. If we can rent any ring, say a day or two, just to test how it goes in actual game particularly in pvp and woe, we would have a better input and understanding when it comes to "balancing" discussions, not just random speculations because we actually tried and used several, or probably all the rings available. Rental fee and duration is up to developers.
  14. Bumping this old suggestion. Please allow the Priest Blessed build to self cast soul link. Huehuehue.
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