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  1. ❄️ Be Like Snow. Beautiful but Cold. ❄️ In this cold place, I found an interesting friend. In this abandoned area, why are you here? PS. We are just talking. LOL. No violent reax pls. Happy Haloween FRO! ?
  2. ?Cats not are not allowed here?!?   A cute bunny girl found me when I sneaked in this map! But idk why cats arent allowed here? And the map looks like a cat paw after all. ?  Ps. Should I really get out of here?
  3. ? My Butterfly Blessing ?  I started earning event tokens when I joined FRO. I tried to redeem for other items and some are just kept in my storage as a souvenir in every events I won. Then there comes an update. I saw this certain item that makes me want to spend my event tokens, the Butterfly Blessing. I really thought about it so many times if Im going to buy that.  I bought it when I had my 700th event token yesterday. Im very happy! As of now, this is my favorite partner in afking. LOL. ?  PS. Should I look for my best ingame partner soon? ?
  4. ?Throwing Back Special Moments with Him~? This screenshot was taken on my last year's birthday. October 6, 2017. When he saw me wearing a gown ?, he said "wait" and came back wearing tux. ? This guy helped me a lot in everything. He's my everything, kidding. ? He always got me flowers whenever I logged into the game. He might fail to give me sometimes but he will surely give me in the following days. We even discreetly got married. I was very happy. ? Then there was a time we need to divorce. This guy left me. Ignored me for months. Left me with lots of questions. Our relationship went cold like Lutie. I feel so alone. ? Little by little I managed to get him back. It wasn't easy. We focused in our present life and ignored the bad things in the past. We became friends. We marry each other again. ? For you who become my husband in game, you will always be my love. I miss you bby. I love you `Kenji. Waiting in vain (again and again) , Lexhi P.S. Advance Happy Birthday bby. mua. ?
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