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  1. Hikarii

    OP range classes

    Ws Tomma hawk can still be countered by a High Priest card (Assumptio) and it gets seedable, you can also counter it by pneuma by getting a simple accessory with Errende Ebecee (Pneuma) .. You can also irritate them by just dispelling them using a Valk Card ( Randgris ) .. so i guess it is still Well balanced and not Broken because it cannot do a BIG damage instantly if u have assumptio on you... But if you talk about other range classes like Sniper/Stalker etc. yea they need some boost compared to WS xD
  2. Yep I agree, so either the magical headgear damage boost should be nerfed or the champ g.ring. In all the damage of Combos should be abit nerfed.
  3. Greetings fRo! I'll try to keep it short sweet and simple. I wanted to suggest that the Champion G.ring (Combos) should be nerfed abit. It is really not tankable if you give a champion the new accessories and Provoke lvl10 on him ( leaving the DA aside ) Even if you try to stone the champion, it will kill you Fast before he even gets stoned. Same goes for Assumptio, unless u asumptio yourself first before entering into pvp/fields. If you take Asura Strike into consideration, it is still tankable with 2x Develings/Ghost Ring even if the champion gets level10 Provoke. Please feel free to leave your suggestions on it! P.S- Really shy because its my first time suggesting something.
  4. Really loved the emp exchange thing... lets hope the vouchers are not that expensive ingame.
  5. More link for the movie .. ( WEBDL.. 720p) http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Sword-Art-Online-Movie-Ordinal-Scale/Movie-WEBDL-720p?id=139044&s=default Haffun XD
  6. Revenge? REVENGE? I will show you revenge! I am FIRE! I am...... DEATH!
  7. When is the Halloween items " Legendary Spirit Poring Pipe " and " Eleanor Wig " going to be fixed? they still look like " Gentleman's pipe " since last 4 months. Please fix it soon for the sake of FASHION ! ! !
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