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  1. Croix gived you the best advise for new players, and adding l.weapond for creater gives you % damage on AD and enables bolts, centiped larva card in weapond increase AD if your only want to buff the damage of AD, int+ cards and equips will add more damage on AD.
  2. Piametter hears from voting +20 int +20 all stats ( +40 int in others words) plus it gives lvl 10 thunder storm, negative side 1 slot and is ugly as *******
  3. if i have 1 ilusion card in helm and 2 dark lord in foot, do i get the %20 buff?
  4. We are recruiting new players and non donation players, we farm and grind a together, any question just go 8 or pm me Sentinel Singed
  5. you obtain the two weaponds from the same npc??? for_elite???
  6. Non-Donation Rings (Both Cursed and Blessed):Walking speed +7%Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 3%Reduce Vit def by 5%HP +5%SP +5%Reflect 3% of damageAll Stats +7 i think is just unfair to have a raw and 3 ruck sack + all the others items and Z, for not even have the reflect eff of the RAW
  7. Pleas buff??? or make it same effects as vote donation capes for classes??? like jesus i made one from scratch i din't buy a single item (RAW, RuckSack) you have to make like 4 differents quest just to make 1 plus find people to do raids, like come on! give non don players some love pleas until we can get money!
  8. excuse me, i know this is not the place to ask (the only reason im asking here is because this post is the only one with replys), i want to ask if don bless and cursed rings have better stats/effcs then non don bless and cursed ring??? wich ones are better?
  9. HI guys, i have been playing for like 1 month now and i grind a lot, so i just finish getting all the items for blessing ring and i see that in the guide it says that i have to make some raids hel and one under water i thing, and i need help!! pleas i will be online for a couple of hours, can any one help???
  10. i want to know if is possible to add a slot to the L Gauntlets?
  11. I just gat my MLF card and i equiped fast away cause really wanted the movement speed buff and i dont see any differents? im using a sniper class, it works on that class or the card is not working at all?
  12. juanro182

    I need a guild

    Hi im a very active player and i will like a to join a guild that is very active and help me grow and learn, i have been mvp hunting a lot and i have recolected couple of greats cards an equips, i just need to learn how to use another class then my sniper :)
  13. WOOT! una pregunta, para que son los activity tokens?
  14. thank you very much, it was really help full. btw sorry for my english is not my main xD
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