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  1. The guy traded me a token and tried to scam me , even threatens to black mail. Here is the full conversation (Tagalog) - Hopefully Admins/GM and other player would read it. For Filipino players out there.. can you help me translate the conversation. My ign is Tamodero - the name is abit explicit (sorry about that) The rude guy is Ianster Chat_BM.txt
  2. Whats up....whats...up.... Been a year and a half and emmm baackk... (Im not really that popular..haha) .. Hope to meet my old buddy and help more newbies in the serveeerrr . :D happy weekend everyone

  3. While doing bot-check , it is best if you also add a safety wall on the player so it wont be attacked by monster while answering the checker . Not only does this solve the AFK player abusing the meteor storm skill (dark lord) but also saves the player from dying while doing MVP hunt while solving the bot checker (newbie players know the pain) . P.S - Hope you read this soon.
  4. --cant edit title , sorry for the wrong misleading title I have helped a lot of newbie in these server .... Most of the problems they met is How to go back to Forsaken City (others call it , original map) How to go to the market (the place where people vend) How to start [quest_name] quest How did you get that item (quest item) The forum has a lot of information on how to finish a quest , where to go next ... after getting a quest...but almost none in the GAME(NPC).Or maybe people are just lazy to read. For example where to warp next... where to get the next item... --Suggestion --- Warper going back to Forsaken City Welcome message and Guide Message especially for the Newbies In the actual game , like the NPC quest Point the user to a short link ( ad.ly - you can gain ads money here ) that will redirect the user to forum post that gives informative tips on how to finish a quest. Allow people to vend at a certain town ... not only in a single map... This would not only give liveliness in the game , it gives the impression that a lot of players are playing this game . Allow players to feel the 500-650 players online .... (including the lag..) If you disagree with these ... atleast create a new warper that would warp Newbies to the Market...better if it would be placed in near the center of Forsaken City If possible add command @whatnow That will show list of quest that can be accomplished in the game . List quest like forsaken knight quest , LHZ , Legendary Aura...and the others...
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