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  1. yea we all made the exact same points as u did I was actually against the nerf as well but many people had valid points since MB is easily available all u need is a prof in an alt guild u can get MB forever. Its just how high the dmg was before the nerf was a bit unbalanced. 200% does sound ok to me so fine +1
  2. AMG a SL user! 😄 Hello id +1 ur suggestion but Runes can only have 2 of those 3 buffs u mentioned ( either points 1+3 or points 2+3) but it cannot have all 3 that would make it a bit imbalanced caz SL has the higher hp of all the bolter classes except sn Id suggest Siroma/Imp effect+ stave crasher dmg buff for the runes since sl has no other magic skills for pvp but bolts
  3. I think the testing was done thoroughly for hwiz before it was nerfed to 180% it still is possible to do decent dmg in pvp with MB+ Mystical Amp with the right cards if u know which to use the only regret for WS and Wiz Napalm after its nerf is killing bijou and using it in FW raid got so much harder
  4. I don't see a reason for the shield tho if u have forsaken raider card 99 def makes u beyond tanky already and there are ways u can tank mvps in raids with PD or Prof + blackmist/sw etc but its a harmless suggestion so if ul really want 1 sure +1
  5. the magic reflect cards kind of make the users vulnerable to other dmg so in a party fight this helps ur teammates do more dmg on them there is balance in it caz more magic reflect = lesser dmg redux for physical attacks so its fine the way it is I feel
  6. +1 I need more stats for my sn 🤗
  7. +1 seems good to me we can either skoll or raydric+ pouring to get a more balanced cloak. -1 for the original suggestion tho I do about 98k FAS dmg with max gear and ship hat if u give me a Divine HG with ship hat stats its a No No but maybe 10% can be increased to 20% in case of ds since its got no love atm but fas remain the same at 10%
  8. Dude WS literally Has 1 skill Napalm that's it they have max 24-26k matk (Kafra vs Ltd hat) This is with rata included. Wizards have 34k matk fyi so u can see why I said so. Also my WS has 200k hp for max Dmg build Without Energy Coat I literally die In 1 asura.... I use Devling +Raydric to survive so I die faster to other classes. Also Kafra has been nerfed too to 25% instead of 40% Ur looking towards nerfing a class that would be rendered useless if nerfed. I mean u guys wanna attack a ws g or a sn class. Im literally the only 1 who plays these classes would that be enuf to explain why ? caz they need the effort to make it work and are pretty much useless if countered.
  9. I actually did contribute and it wasn't me that was the only 1 spamming. I mentioned in my 1st message about gypsy/clown. Said wiz was fine ws g was fine SG was nerfed before so no to ur suggestion etc etc. Uhm I dunno if u Recently saw the nerf on Wiz redux they cant go 95% redux anymore they can only use bless ace* and energy coat and their damage has been significantly reduced already . If u wanna reduce it anymore ur going to kill that ring ( basically not much diference btwn Bless and g variant anymore) . For the WS G 0 nerfs required till a complete remake of that ring is thought of caz I wouldn't allow the ring to just be killed of its already just 1 skill with nerfed dmg . You cannot simply say u want to nerf it caz its hard to fight the class. Champs can go max dmg with 2 fbh and holowrings and get pally Support and do 380k Asura on 2 rays but u don't see many ppl complain bout it caz that build makes u a glass cannon. A wiz right now has the option of going either for HP( vit)for survival or become glass cannons with 100k hp and max dmg since no more max redux builds. ITs similar to champs I do not understand why u want to nerf it further Clowns/Gypsys I agreed with u but not dmg nerf it has to be HP they have over 300k-330k Hp while doing that dmg Bio C I agree with u as well but not dmg since it can be reflected and reduced. Target their hp ( remove the 20% hp buff from brutal hats) they also get 15% hp from DA that's too much hp buff for BIO c so reduce the HP % on C ring to balace it My frnd has 380-400k hp with 120k mamo dmg which is way too much.. Starglad needs too much effort + needs a pally all the time to work also has been nerfed drastically ages ago so id say let it be. Only reason I was being mean was all these nerfs made 0 sense to me since ur not making up for wat ur nerfing ( like If u reduce dmg give them a bit hp or smthing caz these classes have already been nerfed a lot)
  10. I apologize if I was being too harsh but I mean that class is already given so much injustice so it kinda hit a nerve wen he made that suggestion As for the MB part I agree its still decent but I literally have 24k matk and 200k hp w/o energy coat dude that's like 10k lower matk for literally same dmg and only 1 skil.
  11. There we go It just has to be about fights with you and clearly insulting some one is very justifiable to u. all I called u was a trigger happy kid that doesn't even count as an insult.
  12. And everything has to be a fight for you. I ask u to enlighten me and u criticize me again.
  13. this 1 comment that's it rest I did make sense but u wanna be aggressive and call me undedicated or wot not clearly ur the better man I wont stop since u know it all.
  14. all I was being was defensive Brian the only part I was actually being mean was
  15. Ur acting like a trigger happy kid u need to be more mature dude ( u certainly act like ur more mature then all of us all the time) so why not prove it with your typing or comments as well im not putting words in ur mouth uve put words in mine with ur comeback.
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