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  1. Cherry Blossom's Stay Cherreh https://imgur.com/iyxYcFA
  2. Merry Christmas ? The One day we celebrate a special person's birthday and to our family. Without them they we wouldn't be here today. Before being hasty about celebrating Christmas, first stop is towards to church. https://imgur.com/a/AgBWGTR Merry Christmas to all and all a good night!! IGN: Azuremir
  3. Hi all. When I log into my account and pick a character, I sometimes get this Error ID: 10, which says Integrity Error Test Code:0 and I repatched my folder. Anyone knows whats wrong? Since no one replied for a week. I'm going to add a screenshot.
  4. Adding costumes would be really cool. If players are unable to determine what gears the opponents are wearing that would be better in my opinion. The reason for that is because since its hidden, it means for a party to be more required for back up instead of players being to solo anyone. This could create a whole war party in for_fld. I give +1 to the letting forsaken knight headgears to have the same effect as forsaken king headgear if costumes are unable to be accomplished.
  5. I made a suggestions before about implementing costumes into this server because in the past i've played other servers and costumes were popular. The reason for the decline of costumes was because they wanted to keep this server pre-renewal. The costumes is a renewal server. Maybe if the GM's saw this, they can change the reasoning but I doubt it.
  6. Beware of the "Unknown" According to old folk tales, there is once a secret but most frightening area in the world. It is said that you are able to cross dimensions, but that is just a legend. There was once a myth where if you come too close to the area, a ghost will be on top of you and a swirling bat would chase you around. If these requirements are met, an unknown danger will occur upon you. I was courageous enough to test my bravery and went to the area and.... https://imgur.com/a/Hg4KA3H
  7. S/T> Thanatos Card S>Blood Thirst [Give me ratio and how many (NO LOWBALLERS)] S>DA Books B>+10 Sinx C Ring/Jacket, +10 LTD Headgear, O.Dex Comment Below. Mahalo nui loa
  8. May I suggest bringing the headgear item "Witherless Rose[1]" back? I dont really know the real reason why the effects are not working for this item. Its a chance item of dropping witherless rose but if thats the issue, there are other maps player can go to farm zeny, like abyss_03 and thanatos towers. This effects on this item isn't 100% so its like farming treasure boxes. Please take a look at this and please tell me the reason for taking the effects off. Thanks
  9. S/T> My Thanatos Card = Ur Skull Aura + tokens Pm: Silenus
  10. The Mana Tree According to the new anime series "Sword Art Online: Alicization" finding the so called "World Tree" (Yggdrasil) was a tough and vigorous task to find. After couple of days searching for it, we finally found it. Trying to deal the most damage to it, it keeps on regenerating from these colorful pillars. Since this tree is hard to chop down, sooner or later it will fall therefore a vow is made to stay on this location everyday and deal as much damage until it is down hoping to gain immense power from its roots. IGN: Azu, Azuremir
  11. Hi, I am just wondering why one of my accounts are being forced to log out?? I currently have 2 clients open with 2 different accounts and 1 is working fine but my other one is logging out like after 2 minutes or so. I changed password and it still does the same. Please help me out thanks.
  12. LNR808

    Selling Items

    S> +0 Brutal Black AoG and +0 Happy Balloon = Both for 2.8k or Offer or NonLimited Green Emp T> My +0 Happy Balloon = Ur +0 Halloween Headgear S>Breath of Spirit[15], Life Tonic [10], Hideous Dreams, Bear Sinew, Spiritual Whispers
  13. B>> Legendary Assassin Cross Dexterity Blade S>>+0 Brutal Black AoG, Legendary Sinx Crit Blade, Legendary Fenrir PM Azu Price Tag
  14. With just months before the beautiful leaves fall off an ancient tree, the time has come to enjoy this lake with my pet, Monkey D. Luffy, and my sister as we watch our grandpa reminisce in the horizon. With many cultures and styles in the world today, I've tried my best to dress up just like the old times. IGN: Azu
  15. Selling: Bio Cursed Scarf Set Sniper Bless Ring Trading: My +0 Brutal Black Angel Of Ghost Mask (AoG) = Ur +0 Halloween Headgear Pm Me Azu Kiishimu Niuhi
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