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  1. HAHA. My Pleasure sir. after that incident i made sure no similar event takes place ever xD
  2. ill have to agree with these. +1 Sir
  3. Peace out sir. healthy discussion only :) anyways, i know you are a fan of the extended class sir and, i also know that you very well know that taekwon master utilizes the celestial bodies such as SUN, MOON, and STARS to target specific classes. case in point, please do understand that i am only pointing out that SG is only limited, if not, to Three specific classes. -- Opposition skill. second issue, about the "shot-ing" statement: -- Sir, i quite honestly, i am fan of your guides and such, i may have expected a lot from you. no need to point our specific PROS and CONS of Taekwon Master. with all these people crying about taekwon able to one-shot to be described at One-SHOT, i believe there is the world out there with all the guides you may need to read and absorb. with all the resources you have with just the tip of your fingertips. I believe so, that the development team wouldn't have done this without knowing the class pretty well. i also understand that this class is at its uprise. i personally see some taekwon master out there in the server and to tell quite frankly not that much of a pain in the ass, excuse the expression. i really do not know if im stating myself here direct to the point, but please understand that when 2-1 classes were released no one was ever sure how to counter them, then came the 2-2 classes, and lastly then came the extended classes. GMs wouldnt really be spoon feeding you how to counter such class but rest assured that with all classes comes with great power undercircumstances, and may also be as futile against the right counter-measures. This really isnt a issue if you are a donator or not. this is an issue with all these people crying with the guardian ring releases. First, gunslinger got nerfed. and now this. Peace out sir, FU It Has Been Junie
  4. Pft! People dont understand the complexity of the build of SG just to achieve a decent amount of damage to balance with decent amount of hp. Sadlife
  5. junie2

    Colorful Emps

    SELLING: +0 LTD Orange IMP Orange Emperium Aurora Professor Bless Ring Set -- BLes RIng -- Prof Highness
  6. Might as well remove the Clown/Gypsy job too. 1. better yet remove champ because they have OP asura 2. or remove Final Strike on Ninja 3. possible removing double bolt on professors 4. also remove Desperade/Fullbuster on GS 5. and disable bowling bash / spiral pierce on LK 6. or yes! take off all the kicks of taekwon and star glads 7. the best thing remove FAS. WTF Logic man !
  7. Quick question. " 2% chance to cast Counter Kick with increased damage of 700% when doing physical damage" ---> Does this "2%" mean the 2% chance of it triggering while doing normal attacks OR "2%" of me doing counter kicks I am sorry english isnt my first language. please allow me to site an example: First. *Attacking a Particular Job -*COUNTER KICK STANCE INACTIVE ------> Doing just normal attack. will it still have a chance of me doing the 700% damage from counter kick, meaning ill just have to wait for it to trigger So, will his trigger for the duration of me doing normal attacks with/withour counter kick stance or will it only trigger during me doing the counter kicks only. Thanks> P.S. My apologies. bad English. :3
  8. I personally spent like two-straight days ranking,asking a friend to donate for me, then suddenly i have heard rumors that they haved nerfed TKs already. Right then and there i sold my full set out of frustration. yes that is true. i had full gears with my taekwon and i have to testify that my HP only is at around 120k or so because i wasnt in the ranks. :( No offense sir, but beta server shoud've served it purpose with all the testing and stuffs? i mean, you wouldn't release if its imbalance or so.
  9. junie2

    Inactive Sale.

    i am sorry. i needed them tokens as i am going to be inactive for quite some time :)
  10. junie2

    Inactive Sale.

    SELLINGGG >> Asgard with Runes ---> Friggs king shield ( +0 ) ----> Comment the price. Let us negotiate.
  11. junie2


    Welcome to this server sir!hope to see you in game! :)
  12. junie2

    Ip Breaker

    i stand corrected :)
  13. junie2

    Ip Breaker

    ooops. thank you for the heads up, as you may know that paladins has theirs reflect skills and gears. so yea, thats it everytime you magnum break in which it'll be pretty often, the reflect would just add to the one of the problems you may encounter in the emp.
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