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  1. Adamxd


    Quite hiliarious movie, if you like Sascha Boren Cohen it's obviously for you. His pronunciation is awesome. Strongly recommend!
  2. Adamxd

    Epic Champ Battle!

    Weak. Our battles were better and more epic.
  3. Adamxd

    If You Watch This

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5PiXt6INSM Good luck with watching.
  4. JOSHUA pm me I need back my sinx dex and kitty claws.

  5. Adamxd

    Skins Us

    I'm pretty disappointed that Skins US being cancelled by MTV. Of course SKins UK >>>>>>> SKins us, however it was damn good. Skins US finished season 1 with high ratings and solid reviews. And then... PTC ( parents television council) said that they couldn't let MTV renew season 2, because it was first movie which propagated some of the most graphic portrayals of teen sex and glamorized drug and alcohol abuse that we have ever seen on television. Well honestly in this PTC work idiots. I mean yea sure they are parents and they don't want their children watching this. But they should just better look after their kids, I bet while they are working kids watch free porn via internet. I'm adult and no one can say what I can do and what I cannot. If I want to watch it, no one stops me. So f*** them all PTC. PS. Tea is beatiful.
  6. Adam where are u?

  7. Adam, where are u...


  9. Server down?

    1. Dudu


      i guess. =/ I WAS ABOUT TO PWN ANNIE!

    2. Annie ♥
    3. Genesis
  10. Adamxd

    2012 ?

    Nga this scientist worsk together with NASA. And NASA already gave raport to USA's governent. THey started preparing for disaster. UE also. We will know when it gonna happen 3 days before catastrophy. Im deadly serious. Not fken Mays calendar.
  11. Adamxd

    2012 ?

    Its not from internet. In polish news one famous scientist told it. And it's normal, Sun almost every 150 years does sth like this. Imagine no elecricity. Planes fall down, cell phones dont work, stations/ banks. total chaos.
  12. Adamxd

    2012 ?

    Nga, this about sun is true. NASA claimed that in 2013 we will lose electricty , nothing will work. Same situation was in 1853 but there was no electricity at all. USA has started preparation. European Union has already assigned 2bilions euros. You should read about that.
  13. Adamxd

    2012 ?

    They said in news that pro Indianas Jones found out new may calendar which says we gonna die in 21.12.2116. So yeah. But today in news was said thaat in 2013 we might die due to Sun. Theres gonna be electromagnetical explosion.
  14. Clown sb 500. I Maricon, Matsuya, Madox
  15. Laura prediction comes true!
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