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  1. i know this guide very well, hehe then, how about LK's advanced guide dhan?, i really want to know what is in your mind. can u guess who i am?, hehe.
  2. yeah, you are right. but the problem is i need 3-4 days to sell seedtixs, so i should take gm's suggestion for sell them quickly. hmm, i should try this one. but, i just thought, how about the rules of items shared with the others?, or i just have to buy eof from them? ty for ur recommendation.
  3. Wew, ty so much gm sensation for answer my question, and give me tips how to sell fast my bulk seedtix in game. xD
  4. Do u know full name of eof?, I see, but it's so difficult to beat detale I think, coz I have to faced tight competition with another players. Huft..
  5. Sorry for my question, coz I'm newbie xD I've seen there are many kind people here, hope they can help me. Ty so much.
  6. To godfather or plok. I'm sorry for my question, coz I'm new in this server. You said 2x gec in the boots, my question is what is that card(gec)???.. Ty
  7. I see, I just thought it will work to MDEF too. So I'll have great magic damage againts wizard. Btw, thx for ur help.
  8. Hello everyone, Honestly I know the main function inca card, if I'm right the function is ignore enemy's DEF. Nah my question, is inca card also take effect to enemy's MDEF?? Thx before,
  9. Anyone could help me.. I've got stuck in legendary quest, when i found the thief he has talk to me, and i have to gather the items. when i was done with the items, i tried talk to knight master, but he said i'm cheating. I don't know wht i have to do.
  10. hmmm.. I see, maybe i have to recheck the items specificly.
  11. Someone who kindly, i need help I'm begining on legendary weapon quest, first I talked to forsaken knight master, then I tried to gather the items. Now it's done, but when I tried to talked to librarian girl nothing happen. So I need someone who guide or help me, thx so much, note : before I running legendary weapon quest, I remember I've already talked to librarian girl. I don't know, is it take effect or not.
  12. To kindly GM, I have char job sniper with char name "Jaly", When i went to one of the cmd_fld map, my forsaken ro suddenly closed, and there was appears error window I tried to login again and select my sniper char, then same like before. I've already repeat this way so many, but I found nothing. I don't know what I have to do anymore So, please help my char move to another fine map Thanks
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