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  1. Could you make the weight of token 0.1 or 0.01 so I could use my character for WOE also in business purposes? Token's are not directly use for Sieges and War of Emperium anyways. Berries and Seeds occupy most of my available weight. I hope you would take this into consideration.
  2. I want to know the basic formula for calculating a basic hit with a thanatos card. Could anyone teach me how? For my damage without a thanatos card. Suppose my basic attack is 1000. Then if i'm hitting a monster with 40+20 defense (40 Hard def or percent redux and 20 soft def or additive redux) myDamage=ATK x [(4000+HardDEF)/(4000+HardDEFx10)] - SoftDEF myDamage=1000x(4000+40)/(4000+40*10)-20 myDamage=1000x(0.918)-20 myDamage=898.18 This is ignoring monster size, buff, or anything but just focusing on the defense of a monster and assuming a fix attack of 1000. What would be a basic formula for an attack with a thanatos card? or What does the script bDefRatioAtkRace mean? Kindly correct me if I made a mistake. Thank you!
  3. how about the thingy that says on payon woe or something on the bottom?
  4. Does anyone know where can I find the stats of most Emperium Auras? This way, I would know what color to get/buy. Thank you!
  5. My inventory can only hold up to 600 different items. I'm already close to the limit. Sometimes I have to discard some of my items for me to transfer other items. I didn't really want to throw some of those items because they might be useful in the future. I think we need to increase how much different items inventory can hold as the number of custom items increases. Please take this into your consideration. Thank you.
  6. According to the donation currency, 10 tokens=$1. But in the game, some items are worth more than the actual cost in tokens. I'm not talking about 5% more tokens compared to the actual cost of the items relative to the token itself but in hundred percent more. This is way far from the actual currency of donation for tokens and items. The difference is huge. We should deduce this and try to keep it at least close if not equal.
  7. That item will have low price will only be for a few months. It will go back up to a few more tokens after a while.
  8. Hello! Can we have a Random Donation Item NPC? This Random Donation Item NPC would randomly sell 1 item in donation list at its donation price with 10tokens=$1. Every month this NPC would sell the same item. (It doesn't have to be 1 month as a time scale. It could be shorter or longer.) Upon doing so, this gives a little more power to tokens and a little less power to actual dollar. On top of that it brings closer the actual amount of the item in tokens in game. A dollar can already be exchange to tokens anyways.
  9. What is your most used element(disregard neutral) in FRO? Earth,Wind,Water,Fire,Ghost,Shadow,Holy (please don't include neutral) Thank you!!!
  10. What happens if you fail on the raid? Can you do it again without resubmitting the item requirements?
  11. Will gloom under night card gives (1.4)*(1.4) on emperium since emperium is a Holy Property and an Angel monster? Please let me know. =|
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