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  1. 1. It only counts to the person that doing the quest. 2. MVP boss in the raids takes time to kill so we use Coma Bow (Weapon with a Lord of Death Card) to kill it faster. MVP boss in raids can be coma. 3.It is not necessarily to be fully geared especially with the latest update Legendary weapons are now 90% stronger compare with Valkyrie weapons. You only need the proper cards and proper arrows (if you chose to be a sniper). 4. It depends. First is how much you can pay your raid party. If you are the one doing the quest you need to pay your party their salary in partaking the raid but this is exceptional if you have friends that will help you. The average pay rate of raider is 30-50 token per head. If you have enough tokens with you you can recruit many raiders. It also depends on how experienced your party in raids. If you have PRO raiders at least 7-8 will suffice but if not at least 10 will do. Yes you need variety of class in raids but at least majority are snipers. 5.The raid is not always open. The raid is only available for those who are doing the quest except Blackwitch.
  2. I've been in Gates of Hel and Aegirs Sumberged Palace before so here are my answers to your questions: 1. Raid is I actually have no idea lol I just think of it as a quest that requires a party. 2. I believe you need a party in Raid. And no I think you can't solo raid because the mobs there are difficult and I believe there's a time limit (not sure). A party is a must that's why it's called raid. 3. Hmm not that big it's just like an ordinary dungeon map If my memory serves me right. 4. No not all quest needs raid. I believe it's for only GoH, Aegirs and the new one Blackwitch. 5. I believe sniper is one of the best for raids. You can check some guide in the forums. 6. Sniper is the best for you. 7. Check this guide that I created. It may be old but it's still kicking!
  3. El7

    New Creator here !

    Yes I think there is no storyline quest here I only know the Forsaken Knight Quest and other quests like Rings, Friggs etc.
  4. El7

    New Creator here !

    Try this guide my friend it might help you to your journey.
  5. El7

    Game crashing.

    Reset your position. Go to Forsaken Control Panel https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/ then login your account. After that choose your character that is glitching and click "Reset Position: and then your character will be send to Fcity.
  6. El7

    I cannot play

    This happens also to me occasionally but what I simply do is I try to relog again and again and eventually I can enter in the game. But if this issue of yours still persist either you reinstall your client or contact the GM.
  7. First go to >https://forsaken-ro.net/< then click the "Download" (Upper right) and choose your option (Primary, Manual, Torrent) how to download your FRO client. After downloading the game just go to the location of Forsaken Ro folder then double click the FRO patcher (or Fro.exe) and wait for the patch to finish and click start then you can now start playing!
  8. Madz, Ced still playing? PM ME IN GAME.
  9. Anyone from OSFA/HOPE still playing?

  10. Forums is very quiet these days 😐

    1. Antibacterial


      People are so active in discord, not here. Come join us.

  11. After 6 years I just came back to visit the game and I didn't expect that my sniper guide has gain alot of views. It seems my guide helped alot of newbies. I really appreciated it even though my guide has tons of wrong grammars etc but still my guide is helping new players until now. Maybe I will update again just to change the layout because I notice it's kinda messy and hard to understand. I will make it more comprehensible when I got time. But the problem is I've been gone for like 6 years so yeah I need to cope up with the changes. Still thanks to all the players that followed my guide until today.
  12. -Updated- Added some advice on dueling. If you have any questions regarding Sniper message me and i'll try my best to answer it.
  13. What percent of reduction has L.poo poo hat have? Anyone knows?

    1. gagosila123


      +12% reduction to demihuman..

    2. Prince_Jester


      same lang pala sa last .xD hehe

    3. gagosila123


      I saw the description in the past update, kindly look at the update section :) ...

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