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  1. I'm sure someone could help you out on the NPCs, also you need to have finished the initial Knight Quest to do to the Legendary weapon quest, but I'm sure you've already figured that out n__n.
  2. I believe the Legendary Weapon quests are still available, but the guides have yet to be made.
  3. Solace


    Have you downloaded the new all-in-one, and are you also fully patched?
  4. Half true. I like the sound of it; It's relaxing. The person below me eats cereal from a cup.
  5. Welcome to the server! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask any GMs or the players! I'm sure everyone would be willing to help! Enjoy your stay n__n!
  6. Welcome back to fRO! There's been much change! If you have any questions feel free to pm me or any other GMs. Also, about your login details, just make a ticket on the ticket system and we can have that sorted n__n. Again, welcome back!
  7. Welcome to the server Deathz! If you ever have any problems, just PM me or any other staff through the forums or by using @request ingame. Even thought it's already been said, you can use our wiki to assist you in your startup. I'm sure the players in the server would also be willing to help :D Enjoy your stay n___n
  8. We're aware of the issue, it'll hopefully be resolved asap.
  9. Amazing update! More power to fRO<3!
  10. Our custom Forsaken Helm also provides a +10 aspd bonus, so you might want to invest in one C:
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