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  1. BACK AT IT AGAIN! hope to see everyone online, old and new faces
  2. Looking for Emblem Maker. paying well

    1. Nelly


      Oh im really good with this...remember my cupcake emblem..they winning

  3. im actually asking for the original effects to be put instead of the nerfed +no stats. and i dont see how this makes anyone richer. only person selling was me and its because i think the wings arent very useful.
  4. I believe the current wings need to be buffed. When they were first released the original wings had + stats added onto them. Originally everyone called them op and they were nerfed after ( removing only the + stats ) At this point in the server no one uses these wings. the only use of them would be for looks. Since we added +1 slot to all pvp wings it seems like they are slowly buffing the old items and making them more usefull. the wings were originally unique with the stats but now that we have Bless/Cursed Rings, Slotted Reduct Wings, Slotted Reflect Wings, these wings are slowly becoming useless besides the look. most people will say oh 30% hp thats so op, but in reality it isnt alot. if anything it increases by 10k. the only class i see these wings work for are pally. i think we should readd the +stats to make these more useful. most people dont have these wings so the idea is manly for the ones who do have them but overall no one uses these and while they give a little bit of everything the main thing that needs to be added would be +stats Current Eidelic Wing Stats Movement Speed +20% Hp + 30% Reduce Damage taken from Demi Humans 7% Reflect 14% of damage taken 1 Slotted TL:DR- Wings arent as useful as before and need a buff. Suggesting adding +10 stats to the ring to compensate with the buff to older wings and to keep them useful besides for looks :)
  5. Looking for a Good Guild Emblem Maker. paying well. look for Nikko online

  6. it is better to donate for the item itself on the tokenshop then donating for tokens and then buying the item from a player. 10% of a dollar is equal to 1 token. 100% of a dollar is equal to 10 tokens. so lets say you want to buy an item for 30$ ( lets say a cape ie. keep in mind capes can sell for 1.6k-1.9k ) if you donate for just tokens to buy a cape of a player at the current bulk token rates it will cost 60$usd to get 1950 tokens so buying certain items from the token shop is a better choice.
  7. to be completely honest no one owns it. it just so happens that a certain set of people focus on Tg as the mvp of choice. its always been like this honestly i think the fact people threaten to be reported is what seems way over board. tg isnt like thana it isnt a million token card and it spawns ever hour. i think people are just either bored/they camp tg as a quick way to make tokens. we all gotta start somewhere
  8. to anyone in USA, happy thanks giving.

    1. Ochibi


      Happy Thanks Giving =DD !

  9. B> Black Emp, Maroon Emp l/o or pm Palmer paying pure tokens
  10. Opinion a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient toproduce complete certainty. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal. ​Suggestion the act of suggesting or the state of being suggested. something suggested, as a piece of advice. Now i dont wanna be a douche but both of those are 2 different things. but back to the topic honestly genesis even stated he wont change the drop rate if he has said it multipul times he wont do it.
  11. GREY SET HERE . now i have done my fair share of guild leading and such. 1. let me say this the old emperium auroras have gotten more expensive not because emps do not drop but because they no longer drop those colors so in theory it makes the old emps collectables 2. Increasing the emp drops % is in theory a good idea but lets be honest increasing it because people arent getting drops makes no fucking sense. 3.Guild leaders will hoard items no matter what low % or high % if your Leaders wants to hoard no one is gonna stop him. ie ( no bashing just purely stating something i noticed ) Mike has 2 Sky blue emps last time i checked does this mean he has to give those away? lol no its his choice to do what he wants with the drops. no gm has to spend money on salary woe in theory is all about the castle drop so if he has to give away his own tokens then he deserves to inreturn get what he invested his tokens in. is it right? honestly no cause i have yet to see him sell the emp. what i did was id sell the drop then buy smaller drops like older emps and give those out since a 1k emp is better then nothing. 4. Noobs in a guild will never get a good drop it takes forever and honestly i like the rareness of the new emps the fact it takes like 4 months to get one drop just shows that they are rare. and i say this not because i have a whole set.
  12. from a veteran donator; give it 1 to 2 days after you send the email.
  13. this is on purpose btw, this is to prevent people from stacking weps. this was originally for Sinx Crit/Sinx Dex so you couldnt use the L.blade with them so i am guessing you cant stack L.Dex/L.Crit + L.blade
  14. finally got my girlfriend to play RO lets see how long it takes her to leave xD

    1. sartorius19


      she will love it here xD

    2. Prince_Jester


      how sure are you mang ? o.O

      hahahahahaha.. peace ..\/,

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