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  1. Make sure you check the etc tab in your storage. Items don't just disappear...
  2. Run your setup.exe and select the resolution that you want to play in.
  3. Good to see ForsakenRO still going strong! Miss you all <3 

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    2. Bishop


      Thank you dear :). I'll have to catch up with Jorge when I can :).

    3. Ochibi


      Hooolly shoot oldskool GM Bishop! :D

    4. Capuccino


      Hello :D me dropping by

  4. If you're getting this while starting the game, Try to disable/uninstall any autohotkey or macro programs. Those are not allowed.
  5. His edit shows the correct fix. Compatibility mode works for this issue.
  6. Zeny your problem is solved with the same solution I posted here. You just need to set up your setup.exe in normal, administrator AND compatibility mode. That way it doesn't matter how you run your client, your setup.exe will apply.
  7. Bishop

    Ping Zapper

    As pingzapper requires you to open the client through their program, it might be blocked by the shield. I'll look into it.
  8. Bishop

    Key binds

    the /q(number here) commands allow you to set up skills/items on mouse buttons. Any further customization inside the game client isn't possible. We're not using the renewal interface.
  9. same happen GM Please help . im pest off all ready 


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    2. zeny123


      now thank you gm im good now

    3. zeny123


      yap i forgot to off may firewall

      by the way thank you sow much


    4. Bishop
  10. You need to open your setup.exe and select your graphic card + desired resolution. Open setup.exe and set it up in both normal, administrator and compatibility (windows xp service pack 2) mode.
  11. Hi I just downloaded and installed the game but I have the small window problem. I changed to my graphics car in the first bar but when I try to change my resolution i get a blank drop down menu. Please help

    1. Bishop


      Firstly make sure your graphic drivers are updated and direct X is installed. After that try running the client in admin mode or compatibility mode.

  12. There's 2 reasons for cursed ring being lower. 1: The cursed ring is made for AoE damage. It should not have higher single target damage output than the ring that was made for single target damage output. 2: The cursed ring is more of a defensive ring compared to the other two, it is more intended to be a tanky presence with decent AoE damage. Hence why the HP bonus on this ring is higher than on the others. To respond to a few other points in this topic: As for the infinite kick thing. I personally feel like it should remain the way it is. It's what makes TKs viable, without it there would be no reason to really be a TK over a star glad. Star glads do their single way higher dps kicks at the right stance, TKs should do lower damage kicks but able to trigger and combo them faster. Star glads give up lots of bonusses to have the higher burst damage as well. The delay you mention is always an option if the spam turns out to be too strong. However in that case I would always prefer lowering damage over reducing the spam of kicks as the continuous spam is what makes a TK ranker stand out from Star glads. Lastly I see people comparing TKs with SinX. This is a complete misinformed comparison. Taekwon rankers were implemented by Gravity as a constant moderate damage dealer and crowd controller with great tanking/survival capabilities. They were never made to outdamage a sinx. Sinx was implemented to be one of the highest burst damage classes with little survivability other than their agile movements. The way it is right now (after the change) sinx need to use 2 weapons to outdamage the TK. with that they risk getting more damage too. To me that's the way it should be. If you want full out damage you can go Sinx, if you prefer an all around and more safe option TK ranker now is a viable option.
  13. Sir how if unable to solve? ders no chance for me to retrieve my account?

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    2. zeny123


      GM MAY MAIN CHAR i think have bug everytime i hit the automatick info about mob and item appresal and stone

      just for may main char only but may second char no problem at all help me again to fix the problem thank you 

    3. Bishop


      You have a ring equipped on your main character that autocasts those spells. Unequip it and your problem will be gone.

    4. zeny123


      thank you gm

      yap your right gm 

  14. This is covered in our troubleshooting guide. Glad you found the fix though :)
  15. Items do not just disappear off an account. Your character names turn to null once you've been inactive for a very long time though. This so that the names can be re-used by others. You'll have to recreate your characters to change the null names.
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