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  1. first the emp recolors, now this, i guess fro is so awesome you need to steal from us, :(
  2. Detain

    Paypal Donations

    I suggest ForsakenRO should use paypal for donations because many people have paypal accounts and it is easier to donate or recieve donations also alertpay and weston union are good too but many people perfer to pay with paypal.
  3. Detain

    Emperium Aura

    I would like to see that too, it's a good suggestion and many other auras animate so I agree. :)
  4. Detain


    I would [plus screaming is fun]
  5. Thanks, I remembered something like it but I have not seen it in a while so I forgot our sevrer still had the event. Sorry for your time. :D
  6. Detain


    just skype
  7. What event are you refering to?
  8. Name of the event: MvP Survival Event NPC#: GMs decision How event works: The event will layout as: All players joining will be warped to a locked map like dice and LMS, then once the event starts GMs will summon MvPs which the player have to eliminate, there will be 15 rounds or until there is one person standing.If there is 2 or more players after the end of 15 rounds, no one will receive the prize and it will be determined as a tie. Reward: 7 Event Tokens How often would it be hosted: Once a week. Is it a regular or special event?: Considering the event is once a week, it is a special event.
  9. Detain

    Rofl Copter!

    actually it is old, roflcopter oringinated from newgrounds
  10. Detain

    Valkyrie Classes

    That could also work.
  11. Detain

    Valkyrie Classes

    Because ForsakenRO doesn't utilize 3rd classes, the server only uses the sprites though.
  12. Detain

    If You Watch This

    I watched the whole thing... or did I.
  13. Detain

    Valkyrie Classes

    I know this would be source editing but it is worth a shot. My idea is to have valkyrie classes which would add more skills, stats, and options for equipment [items that require certain classes], it would be unlock able by a quest and this works well because the storyline is Fate Of Gods so it's like becoming a god in the end. Also there is a lot of valkyrie equipment already lke weapons, helms, and friggs shield so it would fit in with this too. Also it would be sub classes so lets say you have a priest, you wanted to have a valkyrie class so, Valkyrie Priest would be you're 3rd class. Valkyrie classes would be a boost to enhance the experience of gameplay which would make it a challenge for players. The quest would layout as collecting items and giving them to an NPC so you can job advance. This would be a lot of work but it WILL be worth it and players will have something fresh and new because I see some players are getting bored of the server as it is [not me though :D] but this would be fun for players. Thanks for reading.
  14. ForsakenRO is a great server to play because of our supportive community, great staff, and fun environment. GMs are always there to help you and they accept many suggestions from players. PvP is something many players participate in and more active then many other servers. The system and economy is excellent and players are really friendly. If you're not geared, the server has many options to help you or give you an extra boost. ForsakenRO is newbie friendly and I'm sure our more experienced players should help you. If you want a server with quality, experience, custom items, PvP, and much MUCH more, ForsakenRO is the server for you.
  15. Detain

    Rofl Copter!

    Here's a better version:
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