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  1. Irish hat +10 All Stats and 0.10% to drop any lvl 10 food (Str,Agi,Dex etc)
  2. I already donwloaded the FROInstaller.exe I still getting error
  3. Lower the weight maybe change it to 0.1?. About the price its 10k normal and 7.6k with Discount(Merchant skill) right now tokens are about 30~40m Idk how much AD's are 30m or more, but I can buy 1.3k ads for almost 20m maybe thats too expensive. +1 for changing the weight
  4. Ger

    Mvp Summoning

    how about making Private MVP rooms ? You can rent one for Tokens or Zeny, Inside you can use Dead Branch or pay an NPC to summon a mob example:poring. That should be better :o
  5. Ger

    Halloween Hats

    Sorry for reviving old topics. I think you should add another 5% to the hp bonus and change the 2 ASPD to 5. So the hat gives a good bonus to sp, I make few test on my champ, the only good think is that you have to get about 50 int ? for 6k sp but you need to use more stat points to get 195 aspd. Atm I got about 20~30k more hp but I lost alot of str, right now I think its better if I just keep my old build with fhelm, I payed about 1k for the hat and the only thing that I got is the sp bonus, you can keep your old build and switch to the new hat + fbh+tanee you dont need to switch to hollows but I think the hat should be slighty better than fhelm since we dont have the same amount of items as fhelm. Now everyone has an fhelm and you can get one for about 30 tkns? hallowen hats are supposed to be unique, some ppl paid about 800~1k+tkns for them right now I prefer to keep my 30 tkns. I think you should at least change the ASPD to 5 Sorry for my bad english
  6. Can I know where to get the Envelope A too pl0x qq?
  7. Anyone else having problem spamming asura or is it just me?

    1. Adum*


      just you bro. just need to masturbate more.

    2. Decode


      What do you mean with problems?

  8. Ger

    Novice Bag.

    - Bump - is this getting accepted?
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