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  1. Maybe we can make it like the same HP buff from the Vali's Destroyer? I suggested this long time ago, just reviving it. :)
  2. Midgard Exterminator(Valk Rifle) Dex + 25 Vit + 30 Max HP + 30% ASPD + 5 Reduces the cast time for [Tracking] by 100%. Midgard Desolator(Valk Shotgun)Dex + 30 Hit Rate - 50 Vit + 20 Max HP + 15% Increase Damage of Full Buster by 10% Dust + 20% Spread Shot + 20% Reduce Cast Delay by 10% Midgard Annihilator(Valk Gatling Gun)Dex + 25 Vit + 20 Max HP + 30% ASPD + 10 5% Chance of gaining 1 Coin While Attacking 1% Chance of casting Increase Accuracy While Attacking 1% Chance of casting Disarm Midgard Obliterator(Valk Grenade Launcher)Dex + 20 Vit+ 20 HP/SP +30% ASPD + 5 Ground Drift + 40% Of course stats and bonuses are not final also I'm willing to participate in tetsting the weapons. From Gunslinger's Paradise
  3. ^ uhhh yeah what he said
  4. Entry #1: The Punisher on Action IGN: [bullet]
  6. xXxJCxXx

    S>Sww Blue Emp

    pm me offers
  7. This would be uber kewl!!!! Plus movement speed!!! Nice!! I'm looking forward on this bike!
  8. Check this post, you can also check my comment in last. http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=20027&view=findpost&p=230221&hl=&fromsearch=1 Hope this helps.
  9. btw /mineffect works like magic too.
  10. xXxJCxXx

    Super 8

    Coz it's a spider a big spider. LOL!
  11. This should be interesting. Making it drop in a higher rate will compensate the lost for GVH. I don't know for those people who already has an imperial maybe will say this suggestion blows but for the good of the community i think this will benefit a lot of people. +1 on this suggestion
  12. xXxJCxXx

    Novice's Hats

    +1 on this either make it storable, sellable or weight 0 up to you guys Thanks!
  13. Is it possible to make expert rings wearable by all classes? Thanks!
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