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  1. hahah you all wanted to increase the drops high, so why dont you make it 1% hahaha lol then ill go -1 to the suggestion it still drops right then no need to increase its drop rate we still have floating rate :D
  2. +1 I think it would be better to have 1% on drop rate :D at Treasure Boxes
  3. -1 on this suggestion get fcp so you can counter it :D
  4. Becareful of some impersonators wondering around again xD *sigh* they never learn :D

  5. Make this enable the Quest and Add some custom will be Great
  6. xD use Power Maximize its has unlimited Hit
  7. Its the END Of The WORLD :D lets all see in Afterlife if there is :3

  8. you got into the wrong section :D
  9. is there someone ask about this problem? is it going to be fixed?
  10. i already though of that, thanks for the comment. lets hear out other player says :D
  11. this only come up with my mind, i wonder if we have Activity Token to Zeny Changer? 1 Activity = 10m Zeny? decided and discuss :D
  12. I'd like to suggest a status of what going on inside the world. on this forum for those who can't play means on work or mobile example. Status: Who won the Gvg Who won Br Who has Castle something like that. It would be awesome, to let community knows whats going on and let them be updated.
  13. -1 3rd Jobs is still imbalance, and since were on a highrate server its not suitable for us. you can use 3rd Job Sprite i think there is a link on the Download section
  14. There must be criteria in using pally. than can devo and kill and tank like that
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