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    Let's face it, most players find an mvp, kill it, and record the time they killed it, then simply camp the spawn when the revival of the monster occurs after {x] amount time period. It's extremely frustrating going mvping for me, and I would believe many other players, when people just camp the most famous MVPS(kiel, tao, gloom, etc.) I'm suggesting a new setup, a setup that includes random spawn times for EVERY SINGLE MVP. When the mvp is killed, it will spawn again at a random time. This way, EVERYBODY has a chance at finding MVPS. Yes, people could still just stay there after they kill it, and wait for it to spawn, but they won't know when it will spawn, thus could be wasting their time moasing around the area, and eventually give up. This new system could be a completely fair system for every single player on the server. I highly suggest this, and ask that you please atleast take a glance into my idea.
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    IGN: MemoriesofLight IGN: Sammii
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    I'm not much of an active player now, but I'll just give it a try XD IGN: -Striker-
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    As I said before.: Take off PK at @go 13 : Players warp into the npc while battling and it's not cool. Small for PK / objects in the way at main spawn point. ------------------------------------------- Add PK at @go 15 : Brighter then 13. Have No NPC. Open field. Make it so none can warp out unless by a warp spot (provided if GM adds it). Change the main @go 15 spawn point to the larger side of the map. Experiment it for a week. See how it goes, survey it and see if players like it or not. That is all you had to say for the suggestion. No need to add all those experince / extra words to make it sound good.
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