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Looking For LK Bowlingbash guide both Donation Gear build and Quest Gear builds and END GAME GEAR builds :D

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On 8/22/2019 at 9:13 AM, ulol69 said:

Post some guide here please i want to know what to aim gears and how to obtain them specially END GAME Gears

What's up, Moly here. i'll start with Quest Gear items, then Donation, then proceed with END GAME Gears

To start off, you want to do the 1000 Chivalry Emblem Quest guide here: This will grand you Forsaken Knight set, which is useful to start with and will also give u +200 bonus stat, whenever u reset though you'll have to talk to the Forsaken King.



For the most part, even donation items are required to get quested from Ring, Accessories, and Armor

For Non-Donation/Quest Gear items

You would want to get Legendary Lord Knight Sword, 16540

Check the effects here


Guide here 

Regarding the ring/cape, for Non-Donation, you would want to quest a Non Donation Bless Ring

Non Donation Cape requires different quest items, and does not require a donation cape. 

Here's a complete guide(from starting to earning toks, to end game items in general)  that you might wanna take the time to read



In Summary:

Donation Gear: Would look something like this

You wanna get the basics Forsaken Armor, Cloak, Boots, Any Valk Expansion Headgear

Then for Accessories and Ring/Cape you would want Lokis Seal then any Lord Knight Donation Cape (Quest it for Bless Ring)

For Weapon you would want at least 2-3  Freyr’s Glimmering Blade 

For End Game Items:

You'll just upgrade your Armor to a Lord Knight Dragonist Armor

Upgrade your Lokis Seal into either Bless or Curse Accessories

Get Rank 5 in Dragonist Armor ( you need fame via Dragonist Token or Dragonist Honor (tokenshop) ) and enchant books (str,vit,hp,dex,agi) 

That's it

Hope it helps let me know in game if  you need more assistance 




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