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Dramatically.Sinned's Pally Devo guide

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Hi! It's me :D 


I may not be as strong and as geared as the others, but let me have yoj a sneak on my build *grins* huehuehue

First things first, what should be a paladin be doing when doing devo for his breaker/s?



° Protect his breaker/s

° Make sure that Breakers optimizes their full potential by keeping up with their breakers' momentum

° Be always ready at any incoming threats and counter them

° And most important of all, reduce the possibility of other breakers from outbreaking your Breaker.



My Current Gears : 


King Helm [2] Maya Purple, Orc Hero


Ozod [1] Forsaken Soldier


Pally Blessed Ring [1] Orc Hero


3x L.Pally Spears [4]


-Stormy Knight, Whitesmith Card, Valkyrie Randgris, Dragoon Warlord (Default)

-2Turtle General, Incantation Samurai, Mao Guai


5x King Armor[4]

-Ghostring, Tao Gunka 

-Ghostring, RSX (Default)

-2x Orc Lord

-2x Frus (refined armor to +10)

-Ghostring, Detale


2x King Shield[1]

-Usakoring  (Default)

-Golden Thief Bug


Orlean's Server[1] Maya Card


4x King cloak[2]

-2x Raydric

-2x Skoll (Default)

-2x Deviling

-Raydric, Skoll


King Boots [2]

-2x Fallen Bishop Hibram

-2x Green Ferus    (Default)


And 2x Vit Belts of course.

The Stats :


Place DEXTERITY first up to a total of 150.

Use Spear quicken skill and add AGILITY until you reach 195 ASPD.

Add VITALITY until you get a decent amount of HP.(I got 622k with gr tgk, 4fabre, 2green ferus)

Add the rest on STRENGHT for yointo carry seeds. If you are mounted on a peco peco, you should be able to carry atleast 380 seeds.

If there are any excess on stats, add it into INTELLIGENCE for extra MDEF.


Question #1 : Why so many switching gears? 


First is because a lone devo paladin is helpless on PvP. I strongly suggest to NOT SWITCH GEARS WHEN DEVOING.

Second, there are reasons why there are these gears that are defaulted.


Question #2 : So how do you 1v1 if the situtation calls? 


YOU BARELY CANNOT 1v1 WITH YOUR SKILLS ALONE. That's why, YOU RELY ON GEARS. Best case scenario, would be AVOIDING a fight.


Vs Champions : Make sure that you tease them to use Asura on you. How'd you do that? Defending aura, auto-Guard then reflect Shield.

Once he started Spamming you with asura, make sure that you get on 2dev first. then go 2 OL. if he's still standing, reduce your reducs into 2Ray, and eventually to Skoll Ray. Beware that champs also switch gears whenever they go full asura so always keep in mind that you gotta have enough reducs and HP to outstand it.


Vs Prof: Easy Peezy. Wear 2dev, 2frus, Orleans when bolting, default gears and GTB when using AOE skill. Cast defending aura and switch to 2 Skoll to counter stave.


Vs Biochemists: Your nightmare on 1v1. They can go bolt, and reflect it, but they'd probably Acid Demo you and you're cold dead. Mammonite Bio's are a bit OP today, so that means better reflect against them huehuehuehue


Vs Ninjas : just wear your default gears(i'd suggest 2skolls), defending aura, and attract them to spam FS on you, and take that Golden moment to use Gloria Domini against them. No kiels? Use ring of resonance. Ninja got devo? Strip and break thy armor and shield of thou Nab pally and rekt em both. huehuehuehue


Vs Star Galdiator: Reflect the hell out of their OPness and spam seeds. if you cannot survive, BLAME the GMs for making such a Pussy GRING huehueue *kidding*


Vs Snipers: use RSX armor, get your stripping/breaking pally spear,and hit em like there's no tomorrow. If you were able to see that Stormy knight is triggering, change to your Best Pally Weap (the one with TGs on it), wear yoir best boots (ofcourse the FBHs) and use Martyr's Reckoning. *It's payback time btch* grins* huehuehue


Vs Stalker: same as sniper if they got the bow, same as prof if they copied a single-target matk skill, gtb on if they got an Aoe skill. Battle chant and fast hands to re'equip gears must be present at all times.


Vs Clown/Gypsy: Also a nightmare because of tarot. They break your Headgear/Shield, you're dead. Avoid at all costs. Or get an FCP, and del with 'em just like those snipers. shouldn't be that hard with FCP huehuehue.


Road to Devoing: 

Ofc devo your breaker. if there's only your breaker on emp, you can cast battle chant.


if there are 2-3 rival breakers, use your stripping weapon, spear quicken, and attempt to strip and dispel those breakers so that your breaker will deal the highest damage vs emp.

if your breaker is dealing with tons of players, you need to get your best gears that has the highest maxHP Output but stay your armor on Gr tgk default and cloak on 2skoll.


Spam seed according to the damage per second that you are taking. make sure that you got tons of seeds on your storage so that when you feel like DPS against is you is decreasing, you can transfer seeds right away from storage to inventory, and continue spamming seeds. ofc make sure that devo is still up and running huehuehue. 


That's all folks! and that is my TRUMP CARD. God Bless America hehuehue

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