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Paladin Guide Matyrs Reckoning Type

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Matyr's depends on the amaount of your HP and the cards compunded on your weapon, so;

If you wanna make a full matyr reckoning build it will be like a full devotion paladin build so;


Str: enough to be able to carry like 500 seeds (not very sure about this though)

Agi: enough to reach 195 aspd.

Dex: enough to have instant cast so 150 total (with bonus).

Vit: this must be your main stat so all remaining status point must go here.

Luck: dont need it.


Weapon: best s Odin's Avenger (Donation valk weap but legendary Paladin spear works too) with 2 TG cards and (if Im not mistaken)since Matyr's ignores defense you can add VR card to dispell and fabre card (gives you VIT and more HP)or just 2 fabre cards for more HP.

Upper Headgear: Skull hood or another hat that gives you 15% more HP (skull cap, midas whisper, etc) or a regular vote/expa valk hat with 1 Orc Hero and F.Soldier card to avoid stone curse.

Middle Headgear: Skull aura, LHZ or ROP`or just a legendary aura with 1 Orc Hero.

Lower headgear: Best will be paladin bless ring with 1 Orc Hero.

Armor: you will need multiple armor to switch depending on the situation; 1 with GR+Tao, 1 with Tao x 2, 1 with Puppetring+Tao (I have 7 diff combinations of armor to switch xD)

Cloak: Same, you must have diferent cobinations to switch; 1 with ray+skoll, 1 with 2 skolls (you can add more just use your imagination.

Shield: best is frigg shield but F.King shield will be good to, you need 3 of them; 1 with maya, 1 with GTB and 1 with Usakoring.

Boots: F.King boots with 2 FBH

Accesories: The best is Asgards with VIT runes but if you cant afford that just use VIT Belts or L.Vit gauntlets.

In my opinion that will be the best for full matyr build but, as I always say dont relly on 1 skill only versatility is always the best, If you want to be able to kill ppl with your pally, just make a full battle pally.

Hope that will help you ^^

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