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Found 6 results

  1. I want to go inside thanatos room but since I started playing FRO last March, I decided that it is unfair for every players. I even asked my friends and guildmates how but they said its impossible to do so, this create a discouragement to new players. One time I even heard someone broadcast they earn a car by doing it, im not saying this is true but at least you do something about it. So every time when the notice came I tried. Unfortunately, this room always says occupied. I keep seeing the same name killed thanatos everytime, they stayed there everytime, alts is camping in there. I really lost hope because even though I'm online most of the day, I can't even enter it. So even though I'm lazy to make a suggestion like this lol, I will try to call out for any GM to stop this. Instead, without any bulls*** you could make thanatos room cooldown to an account for 1 week, so that everybody will have their chances. Let's say those opportunist make many accounts, so in order for him to cover the week, he needs 84 accounts. Isn't it amazing? Or when you say cooldown for a player then it would b 1 month. This is just a simple suggestion anyway, take it or leave it. If you want this happen then comment for support.
  2. Hi gm team. I'v been doing thanatos room for a couple of weeks now and the cool down for the room is such a bother for players. We need to log in multiple client and multiple account to do thanatos room thus making the server seem populated and congested due to this. The server it self is stable i know but your internet service provider frankly just sucks big time. Since the room has 2 hrs before it will open again why not just remove the cool down for the each account? so we don't need to log in 3 to 5 clients at a time to continue getting in the room and make more room for other players. as i can see we have @autotraders around 300+ and the maximum number of players after that varies from 200 to 400 depending if there is WOE. do we really need to log in multiple client just to wait for the cool down of thanatos room? when the room it self has a cool down already. other suggestion if you guys don't want to remove the cool down on players account at lease give us a chance to get disconnected maximum of 3 times before the cool down resets to another 2 hours. thanatos room is just fair game on who ever enters the fastest. its has cool down already. it already redundant to have cool down on player accounts as well. practically pointless just makes us wanna make move account just to re-enter the room.
  3. Hello I would like to ask about the thanatos room, isnt it that the cooldown is 1hour and 59minutes. A player told me that the cooldown starts when a player had already entered the room, if ever. does the cooldown starts when i press enter or when im in the room. And now i dont know which one is reliable or what. Thank you
  4. How do u open the portal to thana_boss? cant seem to get the quest in order to get those keys......
  5. I want to know the basic formula for calculating a basic hit with a thanatos card. Could anyone teach me how? For my damage without a thanatos card. Suppose my basic attack is 1000. Then if i'm hitting a monster with 40+20 defense (40 Hard def or percent redux and 20 soft def or additive redux) myDamage=ATK x [(4000+HardDEF)/(4000+HardDEFx10)] - SoftDEF myDamage=1000x(4000+40)/(4000+40*10)-20 myDamage=1000x(0.918)-20 myDamage=898.18 This is ignoring monster size, buff, or anything but just focusing on the defense of a monster and assuming a fix attack of 1000. What would be a basic formula for an attack with a thanatos card? or What does the script bDefRatioAtkRace mean? Kindly correct me if I made a mistake. Thank you!
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