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Found 1 result

  1. The Order of the Dragon descends on fRO From the darkness the dragon awakens... The Order of the Dragon is completely revamped and better than ever before. Experience the thrill of challenging raids, exploring new lands, and unlocking top-tier rewards. Including a very rare new MVP card that's the best card since Thanatos. Join a Dragonist Sect Once you've risen in the ranks of the Dragonists, you can now join an elite sect of warriors for your class. Joining a sect will allow you the opportunity to unlock new gameplay and rewards. Will you be strong enough to take the blood oath? To join a sect, talk to the leader of your sect at the Dragon Temple. The Battle of Blackwitch As a sect member, you are welcomed to new heights and meet Sigismund, the Order's founder. He has a mission for you: to find the lost Dragonists who have disappeared on the legendary Lost Cost. Only something much more sinister awaits you there... Save your Dragonist brothers and face the monstrous Blackwitch Bijou and her undead army in this challenging new Dragonist storyline arc! Talk to the founder Sigismund in the Dragon Temple to begin once you've joined a sect. NEW! Bijou MVP Card Introducing the latest must-have card since Thanatos Card. The Blackwitch Bijou in the raid has a 1% chance of dropping her card. Atk +4% [Thief] Max HP -1% For each 1 refine level: you get Str +1, Atk +1% Card effect nullifies when more than 3 cards is used. Unlock new powerful armors Introducing the most powerful armor to come to ForsakenRO: the Infamous Dragonist Armor! It also has a non-donation counterpart, the Legendary Dragonist Armor. Both armors are obtained from completing the Blackwitch storyline saga. Each armor is class-specific and has customized effects to bring out the strengths of each class. Plus, there is a rare effect for those who have Dragon's Fury enabled! Infernal Dragonist Armor Effects: [With Forsaken King Set] Immunity to freeze, all stats + 10, max hp+5% [If Dragon's Fury is enabled] Allows use of Warm Wind Lv. 1-4. Class Specific Effects: [Super Novice] Str +10 Int +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Assassin Cross] Str +10 Dex +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Stalker] Dex +10 Str+ 10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Minstrel/Gypsy] Dex +10 Int +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Sniper] Dex +10 Int +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Biochemist] Int +10 Str +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Master Smith] Str +10 Dex +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [High Priest] Int +10 Str +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Champion] Str +10 Int +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Lord Knight] Str +10 Dex +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Paladin] Str +10 Int +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [High Wizard] Int +10 Dex +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Scholar] Int +10 Dex +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Taekwon] Str +10 Dex +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Ninja] Str +10 Int +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Soul Linker] Int +10 Dex +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Star Gladiator/Taekwon Master] Str +10 Dex +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% [Gunslinger] Dex +10 Int +10 Vit +10 Max HP +10% Legendary Dragonist Armor Effects: Same as above, but +7 instead of +10. If Dragon's Fury is enabled, allows use of Warm Wind level 1-2. Blackwitch Fields The legendary Lost Coast exists-only it has been overrun by the Blackwitch's minions. You'll need to reclaim the fields from her undead army who have looted the nearby Dragonist Stronghold as part of your battle against the Blackwitch. It's rumored one of her prized warriors, Amadeus, has been seen in these fields. NEW! Amadeus MVP Card Atk +2% [Thief] Max HP -1% For each 2 refine levels: you get Str +1, Atk +1% Card effect nullifies when more than 3 cards is used. Gain new rewards As part of the revamp, two important new currencies are being introduced to Dragonists. These include the Dragon Egg, obtained from Dragonist raids and Blackwitch MVP drops, and the Dragonist Coin, obtained from regular mobs in the Blackwitch fields or converting your Fame Points. Dragon Eggs and Dragonist Coins are part of the Blackwitch storyline saga. Dragonist Coins will be the primary currency for upcoming shops in the Dragon Temple. To show your pride as a Dragonist, you can use the following image: Why not show off your Dragonist rank in your signature as well! Soul Linker Cursed Ring (changed HP bonus from 20% to 40%, VIT +10) Soul Linker Blessed Ring (changed HP bonus from 20% to 40%, VIT +45) Sniper Damned Ring (changed HP bonus from 10% to 20%; Dex from 35 to 45) Updated Gunslinger Cursed/Blessed Ring descriptions Bjorn's Blade (Enable lvl 10 Enlarge Weight Limit, enables use of Bowling Bash with increased damage of 50%, add 25% damage to medium monsters, decrease cast delay by 5%, STR +20, DEX +25, ATK 230, Max HP +20%, SP +75 Nullified effects of Combat Knife to Laughing Poopoo Hat, Refined Deviling Hat, Forsaken Knight Shield, and Forsaken King Shield. Fixed starter weapons received from Job Mistress for first classes. 8 new loading screens Storyline by Veracity and Dream Raid and maps by Ares Coding by Genesis Dragonist Armor Effects by Dream and Veracity MVP Card Effects by Moogle, Ares, and Dream Tested by Ares, Bishop, and Moogle Previews, new loading and log in screens by Barbie Appreciate the many hours of hard work that went into this update? Please take a minute and write us a review on RMS! Not sure how to? Check out our guide on how to write a review.
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