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Found 3 results

  1. Hi forsaken RO team. its been a long time since i got banned and i wanted to play back again. just wondering if its posible to get unban? thank you!
  2. I would like to suggest if we can do something about upgrading Auras making them more colorful and more beneficial. First, the leg.auras, I noticed that some of the leg.auras were being left behind the leg.myth/zod/lhz including the rare aura candy/snow flakes aura, and also the sun & moon aura. People rather choose Originals/LTD's instead of legendaries or other quests auras mentioned. I hope they gonna have a short story line for these but bulk of items to farm in order to finish the quest. With this, no need for them to buy from people, donate or to wait for a donator(s) bec. the main auras were given already (leg.auras etc..) ready to be upgraded w/ the story line and we can call it "native" eg. Legendary Native Blue Mythical Flame Aura etc.. Second, if we can upgrade a new version of Original Auras of Lhz/Zod/Rop/LoveAura/Butt/MythF/SA/SPA near to the effect of Ltd Emp. like making them Ltd too but not the LTD name itself, a diff name maybe (let me think of it).. "paradigm", Paradigm Skull Prince Aura etc.. Now, with regards to the Ltd Emp., I think we can do some adjustments on the stats making it +35 all stats instead of +33 and 7% dmg to demi human instead of 4% and we call it "elite" Limited Elite Edition Red Emperium. To the newly added quest but in limited year/season only the "Bat Ring Aura" hopefully it will also have the remake or upgraded version like Original Auras bec. it has the replica stats effect of the normal Emperium and we can call it "eclipse" Eclipse Bat Ring Aura. Above all, for my last words... I'm not expecting a lot from you guys bec. I know this has a lot of rework to do and will gonna twist the minds of our GM's and developers of the game. I'm just suggesting though hopefully it will be come true ...in the future =) People of the city will then gonna be more happier coz there are lots of quests waiting for them to gear up. All geared and semi geared players can now have a harmonious relationship enjoying WOE's/GvGs/BR's/PvP Ladder etc.. And with that no one are left behind, all are treated equally by their corresponding leaders, in and outside the city. Thank you again guys & Godbless...
  3. Hi, I have donated for a few items and emailed [email protected] with the details but i believe i have not yet received anything, i say i believe because i have no idea how the items would be delivered, do they send them straight to the inventory or where does it end up? also how long does it usually take to get the donation items? (it's been around 2day) •Joshy•
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