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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm a pretty old player but due to circumstances, I've lost my account and everything on it! So this is me trying to make my way back into the game. :) I haven't done any Ragnarok Online art, but I am more than willing to try things out with you guys. CONTACT INFORMATION I will probably not be online at the moment due to other personal proje cts. However, please do try to contact me in-game first @ Zukululu. Please reach me on the ForsakenRO Discord Channel, on the forum, or on Twitch (username will be Zukululuu THAT IS 2 U'S) PRICING INFORMATION For pricing, I followed a pretty standard model that most commission artists work with, and that is the amount of time ( hours ) * 7.25 ( minimum wage ) * 0.10 ( cost of a token in Token Shop ) = price. Please take into consideration that coloring pieces consume the most time. After contacting me with your project and it is accepted, I will give you a quote. A deposit of 1/3 of the price is required before beginning. I am also willing to trade!! Send me a message and we will discuss trade rates. :) For example, if I draw a piece that took 10 hours, that would cost 725 tokens. One adjustment will be allowed per commission. This means I will allow you to ask for one change after I showed you the finished product. Of course, I will provide you progress along the way. I have attached examples of my work. However, don't consider this to be the limit of my abilities, I am more than willing to do any style outside of those shown in the examples. I will accept up to three commissions at a time. I will also notify you when I have begun your project and will complete the task within one week or I will repay your deposit. COMMISSION PROCESS How to Commission: 1. IGN I can contact you on 2. What you would like drawn in detail; colors(eye, hair, skin, cloth, etc.), style(chibi, bust, detailed. Reference pictures of a relative style you may want will help significantly), background, any additions. 3. OPTIONAL: This is not required, but another contact method may speed up the process of completing your project. :)
  2. Kireiru Shoppu ! Shop Status: [OPEN] | CLOSED Hello guys! I'm a new player here and I'm starting an art shop to save up money. ((because my character is really really broke right now and I don't have any gears at the moment T_T )) I've drawn many Ragnarok related arts in the past and I did many commissions in the last server I played so please support me! Contact I may not be online all the time so please try to contact me in forums. Though my IGN is Lee Hyeri For payments, let us agree on a date and have a trade c: Samples and Prices I don't know the currency status in this game but if you feel that I'm unfairly pricing my arts, please tell me!! <3 All artworks will have a patterned background or transparent background depending on the person ordering Style 1: Chibi for 100 M Click me [1] Click me [2] Click me [3] Style 2: Half Body for 250 M Click me [4] Style 3: Full Body for 400 M Click me [5] Click me [6] Notes I don't do extreme nudity, violence and the likes in my art sorry :c Romance is okay, also yuri and yaoi ((hehe)) The artwork would be started after half the payment is given Failure to finish the artwork within 1 week, the payment can be refunded I will only accept 3 people at a time How to Order? Comment below this thread with the following information! 1. IGN 2. Reference/Screenshot of your Character 3. Eye color 4. Style 5. Anyything else? c: Queue/To-do-list 1. 2. 3. Thank you and God Bless You! (/゚Д゚)/
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