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Found 1 result

  1. Presents... Stylish New Scarves for the Winter Season! These stylish scarves will keep you warm when Midgard gets chilly. Angel Scarf, Warm Cat Muffler, and Cat Ear Hood are available in the Token Shop for $40. Both have the same effect as capes and can be upgraded as part of the storyline 2 quest. Introducing New Ship Captain Variants! Six new upper headgears are now available: Rabbit Queen Ears, Wind Beret, Wild Cat Ears, Wolf Hat, Duneyrr Hat, and Valkyrie Headband. Effect: 20% increase in ranged damage, 20% increase in damage to all enemies. NEW! ForsakenRO Mystery Box! Introducing an exclusive free gift for every $20 spent in the Tokenshop! Each Mystery Box has a chance of obtaining one of the following rewards: GRAND PRIZE: ICE EMPERIUM AURORA BR Emp Exchange Voucher GVG Emp Exchange Voucher Maroon Imperial helm WoE Emp Exchange Voucher 2 expensive WoE Emp Exchange Voucher 1 cheap Valkyrie Weapon Exchange Voucher Cape Variant Exchange Voucher Supply Box ( 500 seed tickets 300 berry tickets, 50 fcp, 50 cspeed) Mystery Token (with 5 you can get a Valkyrie expansion headgear) To learn more about Exchange Vouchers, read below! Vouchers allow you to exchange one item for another color of the same item. You have a chance of receiving exchange vouchers from the ForsakenRO Mystery Box! With every $20 spent in the Token Shop, you'll receive one Mystery Box. WoE emperium exchange voucher 1 (cheap) Group A: Orange Emperium Aurora Purple Emperium Aurora Green Emperium Aurora Group B: Blue Emperium Aurora Gray Emperium Aurora Amber Emperium Aurora Pink Emperium Aurora Gold Emperium Aurora WoE emperium exchange voucher 2 (expensive) Red Emperium Aurora Sky Blue Emperium Aurora Violet Emperium Aurora BR emperium exchange voucher (trade 1 BR emp to any other) Black Emperium Aurora Jade Emperium Aurora Umber Emperium Aurora Mint Emperium Aurora Maroon Emperium Aurora GvG emperium exchange voucher (trade 1 GvG emp to any other) White Emperium Aurora Teal Emperium Aurora Azure Emperium Aurora Majestic Purple Emperium Aurora Valkyrie weapon exchange voucher Exchange for valkyrie weapon of choice Cape variant exchange voucher Exchange variant for jacket/sword/scarf, etc. New Valkyrie Expansion Headgears Available! Tired of looking at your own face? Now you can wear one of these unique masks: Horse Mask, Baphomet Mask, Gorilla Mask, and Birdman Mask! Available for purchase in the Tokenshop now. Collector relocated to for_fild04 209 87 Clown ring of Guardian buffed. Assassin Cross Godslayer Sword was giving the incorrect stats, this is fixed. Thor's Hammer nerfed. Vote Infernal capes are now refineable. Strike Eagle now gives level 10 enlarge weight limit. Issue with magical headgears not giving freeze immunity resolved. Brutal/Striking/Magical headgears missing all stats + 10, resolved. Halloween mobs disabled. Issue with Dual Godslayer sword sprite resolved. New login screen added. Alfheim Raid Treasure plant issue resolved. Tyr's Shuriken now stacks with striking headgears. Drop rate of heart of Ymir increased to 0.20% Star Gladiators are now dispelled on log in. New Ship Captain Hat variants added. Maroon Imperial Helm added as a GvG Prize. Fixed issue with Magical hats not stacking with Dragonist Armor. Broken Pharaoh Emblem renamed to prevent confusion with Storyline items. Automated LMS now allows exit 5 minutes after pvp is enabled. NOTE: Scripts reloaded at 9:45 AM Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, cape recolors, testing, and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Danger for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to dlsmizel for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Yatogami for testing and coming up with fixes. Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
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