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Found 1 result

  1. Len

    Non-Berry Pvp

    Greetings, I recently visited the fRO PvP for the first time and had to find out that you can heal yourself with Yggdrasil Berries and Seeds. My suggestion would be to add a third PvP-room where you can't use those healing items. The reason is obvious. According to my experience, the outcome of fights with berries depend on which player can carry more berries / click the hotkey faster / slips his/her finger when trying to use a berry. I just don't think that PvP should be depending on this kind of things. Plus, if the third room would just be added, it wouldn't influence the current PvP activities, as everyone could choose to use the old rooms. :) Cheers, Len EDIT: so far we came to the conclusion, that adding this proposed room could make fights very fast and overpowered. Many of you stated that such a room would be impossible because of the customs on this server. To re-balance this, some changes would be required. Possibly regarding equipment / statpoints etc. This could mean some additional effort but I think it would be worth it, since I see the usage of berries as some kind of "workaround" for an actual balanced PvP. Just wanted to recapitulate what we got yet.
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