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Found 10 results

  1. So... I was just thinking..... I hope they give attention to the unbalance Items, Set and Sprites Next update :) Like The Sprite for Godslayer Sword Like The Set for Soul Linker Guardian, Sinx Guardian,LK Guardian, WS B/C Set, Ninja Guardian, and Such and many more. Kinda Excited to think about it.
  2. Hear ye, Hear ye This hard working peasant *Ahem* i mean farmer is selling valuable or rather pointless stuff if you're rather interested on purchasing even one merchandise PM - Antelope, a self proclaimed farm master who makes zero profit out of anything. Today's Special Daily Haul - Vesper card [25] normally i'd charge this card for 35 but since i stole the kill from a noob and its guilt tripping me Hero Remains x7 [65] would you like to buy it at its original price which is 70? Cloud Essence [3] idk if this is still valuable but i collected a bunch of it idk y... Damp of Darkness [3] no discription were made Antelope the Desperate Odd job taker notice I charge 10 toks for each item you want me to collect not that i'm desperate or anything 5 toks for leeching or if you beg really hard i might get annoyed and let you leech for free I won't always be online so why did i even bother post this odd job notice....
  3. So all of the quests are good and all, but is anybody having storage difficulties? Please tell me I'm not the only one struggling to keep my stuff below 600 I'm aware of the existence of guild storage, but it's kind of an inconvenience compared to the normal storage (having to go to a town and go to the Kafra unlike the regular storage, which you could open almost anywhere). And I don't know all of my guild mates yet, so I'm not sure if I can put my stuff there Just a thought
  4. Hello World!. I need some help on looting when it disappear to fast and my Homunculus is actively hitting monsters and i can't get the specific loot i want that fast. please make it possible to autoloot with Homunculus or at least make the loot expire longer. Please Help. Thank you
  5. So, I've been looking around the Wiki, FAQ, and diverse rewarded items pages but I can't seem to find the two items I'm looking to obtain anywhere but through donation. They are: Kitty Ears, and, Kitty claws. May anyone be as kind as to tell me how to obtain them besides donating? ______ Edit: I just noticed that a wild H ran away from my title. My apologies.
  6. This may be a shot in the dark... Please keep in mind that I'm not trying to overstep people's boundaries on this post, but I know some that don't have the means to donate. It would be nice if some of the items for sale in the Tokenshop be included or added as vote items too. I totally understand that donation drives any private server, hence, the statement "some items". I don't really have any specific items in mind...maybe some of the super old quest items? Idk, but that's when the fun "hinting" starts, ya? :)) What do you think? +1 or -1? Either way, I'd love to read some of your thoughts! :) Cheers, Laura (Alyxia x Malin)
  7. Does anyone else experience this? I cant seem to open a shop inside the mall. It says "You can't open a shop in this map".
  8. I couldn't Explain much about this, But the Over-Powering of the Reduce Items in-game is like too much, Don't You GM's Think that it's time to make some balancing on this items ? Reply please :)
  9. S>Skull Aura Panda RS Lk Halb Leave offer and IGN below.
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