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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, i would like to suggest to add immune to freeze and ASPD + 2 for The Magic Eyes, Loli Hat, Tengu Hat and Necromancer Hood so that it will be the same with the Halloween head gears if paired with a complete King's Set. as of the moment these are the effects Halloween Hats Max HP +15%, Max SP +20% [ Mage Class ] Int +15, Dex +15 [ Archer Class ] Dex +15, Agi +15 [ Swordsman Class ] Str +15, Agi +15 [ Thief Class ] Str +15, Dex +15 [ Taekwon Class ] Str +15, Int +15 [ Gunslinger Class ] Dex +15, Agi +15 [ Ninja Class ] Int +15, Dex +15 [ Merchant Class ] Int +15, Dex +15 [ Acolyte Class ] Int +15, Agi +15 [ + Forsaken Armor, Cloak, and Shoes ] Immunity to freeze, ASPD +2 Magic Eyes & Loli Hat All Stats + 10 [ Professor ] Matk + 25% Agi + 10 [ + Forsaken Prof Staff ] Enable use of Level 1 Stave Crasher [ High Wizard ] Inflict 20% more damage with Storm Gust Inflict 20% more damage with Lord of Vermillion Inflict 20% more damage with Meteor Storm Matk + 15% [ High Priest ] Inflict 20% more damage with Holy Light Int + 10 Adds a 5% chance of auto casting Level 10 Decrease Agility on the enemy when hit. [ Champion ] Int + 10 Vit + 10 Dex + 10 [ Sniper ] Inflicts 20% more damage on all enemies. [ Clown/Gypsy ] Inflicts 15% more damage on all enemies. Agi + 10 Necromancer Hood & Tengu Hat All Stats + 10 [ Gunslinger ] Max HP + 20% Mdef + 20 Dex + 20 [ + Forsaken Gunslinger Pistols ] Receive 40% less damage from Demihumans. [ Soul Linker ] Matk + 20% Int + 10 Vit + 10 Enable use of Level 10 Lightning Bolt [ Star Gladiator ] Str + 10 Dex + 10 Inflict 20% more damage to all enemies. [ Ninja Class ] Max HP + 20% Str + 20 Inflict 100% more damage with Throw Huuma Shuriken. Inflict 100% more damage with Throw Kunai. [ Super Novice ] Max HP + 20% Matk + 20%, Inflict 20% more damage with Mammonite. NOTE that the Immune to freeze and + 2 ASPD will only work if paired with the King's Set, namely Forsaken King Armor, Boots and Cloak. Only Constructive Criticism are advised. Thank you! Also, Just to add, In the Token Shop, Magic Eyes|Loli Hat and Necromancer Hood|Tengu Hat are worth to be at $40 ea while the Halloween head gears are only at $30 each. I guess given the price difference it would be better to add immune to freeze and aspd +2
  2. Hello all, It has come to my attention that with most of our changes we're giving gypsy and clowns the same boosts. This is fine in my opinion however I realize there's still 1 big difference between gypsies and clowns. Most gypsies and clowns use the link to gain the song skills from the other sex, and be able to effect themselves with the songs. This grants the clown with all good skills from the gypsy, and the gypsy benefits from the song skills from the clown. However there's still 1 difference. Gypsy is more low rate oriented. This is because of the skill called Dazzler. This skill works exactly the same way as frost joker, the only difference is that it gives a chance to stun instead of freeze. This, on ForsakenRO, is completely useless as everyone has at least 100 vit to be immune to stun. My suggestion: To refrain from doing any skill edits I suggest to add the following effect to the legendary and valk weapon from gypsy (Yes the exact same effect, not a nerfed effect for legendary). - Grants the use of level 5 Frost Joker This skill would only equalize clowns and gypsies as they'll have exactly the same skillset instead of clowns having an big advantage with frost joker. Please share your opinion on the matter and submit your response. Below~, Cheese&Sausage (my clown name)
  3. Len

    Non-Berry Pvp

    Greetings, I recently visited the fRO PvP for the first time and had to find out that you can heal yourself with Yggdrasil Berries and Seeds. My suggestion would be to add a third PvP-room where you can't use those healing items. The reason is obvious. According to my experience, the outcome of fights with berries depend on which player can carry more berries / click the hotkey faster / slips his/her finger when trying to use a berry. I just don't think that PvP should be depending on this kind of things. Plus, if the third room would just be added, it wouldn't influence the current PvP activities, as everyone could choose to use the old rooms. :) Cheers, Len EDIT: so far we came to the conclusion, that adding this proposed room could make fights very fast and overpowered. Many of you stated that such a room would be impossible because of the customs on this server. To re-balance this, some changes would be required. Possibly regarding equipment / statpoints etc. This could mean some additional effort but I think it would be worth it, since I see the usage of berries as some kind of "workaround" for an actual balanced PvP. Just wanted to recapitulate what we got yet.
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