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  1. yes i have the FBH but i heard that the flower ring was in the accassory and gave +20 stats so i was think that beacuse that the Kobold Sniper Hat takes the place of my amister hat. so it would be like i have amister hat and a the extra +40%. thanks agian for the input
  2. is that 200 tickets or 200 yggs becouse if its 200 yggs you can get MAYBE 1 d coupon
  3. its a mvp its found at kh_dun02
  4. so for the voteing should i save for the flower ring witch is 120 coupons or the sniper hat? sniper hat Flower ring 40% more damage with crossbows and is 1 slot OR +20 all stats and i think is a accessory and is 1 slot Thanks
  5. I3eefCak3


    for fast casting you need 150 dex so like 75+75 and 300 int and vit and str idk probley not right but
  6. I3eefCak3

    Pc>clown Bow

  7. what ever happend to being able to trade zeny between you charaters i remmber this from a couple months ago? can we bring it back
  8. I3eefCak3


    bump buy my stuff
  9. I3eefCak3


    ahh so theres no way to remove the chat mute that sucks
  10. I3eefCak3


    well if i'm mvping and i need to tell some to F*** off i don't want to alt+c or if i'm mvping with a friend it's just too much work to alt+c every time. ex i need to tell my friend to use water or ask them something i can't fit 20 words into a box
  11. I3eefCak3


    can we get rid of the chat mute that comes with this skill? is there anypoint to haveing the chat mute? just an idea :biggrin:
  12. I3eefCak3

    Pc>2 Things :)

    blue butterfly wings flaping angaling wings thanks! :biggrin:
  13. I3eefCak3


    well i see where the 40% could come in handy but would the 15 dex luck and agi a bit more importent i just want some thing that provides the best thing for MvPing. Thanks for the input
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