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  1. Hello! I just want to see the looks or variety of new lower headgears Bless/Curse/ and Guardian Protection Cloth Cat Ear Cape Warm Cat Scarf Infernal Scarf Angel Thank you! I can't seem to find the sprites or image of it only the base sprite of it on token shop but not the upgraded one -----> Bless/Curse/Guardian if anyone kindly send any example image of it I'll be really happy 😄
  2. thank you sir 😄 last question base on your answer at #6 I got confused a little but... can you use storage inside raid? or you can't? base on my understanding on this line "Bio - FCP (Seed restock)" does that mean he gets to hold the supplies? and also inside the raid your equipment can be broken or divest? also this "1. It only counts to the person that doing the quest." does that mean it doesn't matter if the one doing the quest is not the party leader? it will still count? or you need to be the party leader for it?
  3. Owh thank you sir! additional question, can a "party" like you know all of them wants to finish their quest for the ring and they did the raid simultaneously does that count for all of them or only the party leader? I also saw your guide sir but is it necessary to use coma bow on mvp boss inside raid? does coma bow do it faster than raw damage? sorry newbie question 😄 and also while doing those raid, is it required to be fully geared? like Ring and sniper sb? or Legendary weap and cape is optimal for it (like can it handle it pretty okay?) also you need party right? like do you need a party of sniper like can you take it 3 sniper? (what party size do you recommend?) or you need variety of classes plus sniper? (example: Champ,HP,Snipe and etc) lastly base on the guide here on forum about the fate of the gods quest, does the raid opens only when someone doing the quest activates it... like is it always available? as long as someone is doing it? or its only available during certain point of time... like for example the thanatos room its only available at certains times???
  4. I''ve been in the server for 5 months now and I was wondering for a while now, hear me out 😄 I read a couple of guides about minor quest and legendary quest and I manage to do those and I am planning on taking big one now. I am trying to make a ring now after doing some farming but I have difficulty about it and I'm really afraid on doing this one. I need a veterans or expert opinions and guidelines about this one. what do you think about this two? Gates of Hel Raid. And A'egir's Sumberged Palace it is mention on the guide that "It's definitely challenging, so you will want to have a full party with you." that's the problem I'm having with right now because I'm a solo player and I'm afraid that once I go inside I might fail it or I might not even have the chance to go inside cause I never tried it and it might have the requirement of full party to do this raid. here is my following question: #1 what is raid? #2 how difficult is it? can I manage to solo it? or do I need a someone to do it actually? #3 what does it look like inside a raid map? is it really big or small? #4 are there other quest like this that needs a specific requirement like "raid" #5 (base on question #4) if there is..... is there a specific class that excel (does very good job on doing those specific task overall) on doing all those raid? #6 (base on question #5) what class and what equipments (Gears,Stuffs and preparations) do I need if I'm going to raid? (Obviously I can't solo a scary dungeon as a priest or assassin that focus on single target") #7 if possible please give me every detail I need so I can prepare myself fully Thank you very much in advance ^_^ I' am really having a hard time deciding and doing it. I don't really have a friend in-game and I'm afraid of asking someone for help in-game. I apologize for the questions >__<
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