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  1. I use my sniper (FAS) build. You can find guides on how to build a fas sniper. Vote and legendary gears are enough. Use shadow arrow (arrow from mall is okay), if u make the build correct, u can 1 shot acidus easily.
  2. To be honest with you, market is in serious bad shape atm. Regular goods such as mvp cards are even hard to sell now. But don't lose hope, there are still ways to earn tokens even if you're a newbie. Try farming seeds/berries and other consumables. There will always be buyers of these goods as they are consumed regularly. Try to learn raids, i assume you already have some basic equips like legendary gears and vote set. That's pretty much enough for you to be able to do raids, and be a raider for hire. They pay toks as salary. There are other ways, but try these things first and see how it works out.
  3. Pvp. Everybody loves to pvp, well mostly. It could be fighting against your friends, or together with your friends against other groups, or just you against the world, or just random rampaging in for_fild. Flaunting your freshly acquired gears, or showing off your pvp moves and skills. Just so fun and awesome right? In today's modern era of pvp, the proliferation of gaming peripherals, such as gaming keyboards and mouse with gaming software on them, aid players to be more deadly, incredibly fast with minimal effort, thus enabling them to stay long and be the best that they can be in any battle. I had a fair share of this level of pvp and boy 'twas so intense. But at the end of the day, when everything's cooled down, i still feel like something's missing. What ever happened to the "take-him-out-of-his-seeding-pattern" strategy when everyone's on macro seed. What ever happened to those times when you scratch your head just to figure out what element is your enemy using on his weapon and armor, when you'd just drop down in split second without even having time to think about that. As they normally say, "the good ol' days". At the end of the day, when everything's cooled down, i'd hang out with some of my newbie friends. Switch to my vote and legendary geared character and pvp with them endlessly. Believe me, it was sooo much more fun. With our crappy damage because of low end gears. With our tired fingers and crappy spam because it's manual. But i find myself using my character to its full potential. You might not believe that. But i switch more, i strategize more, and LAUGH more than when i'm in high level pvp. I'm glad i can still feel the "good ol' days" vibe in pvp. When things are pure, simple, and FUNNY. HAHAHA. By the way, i want to suggest to our ever dedicated dev team to maybe start reworking/tweaking some of the left behind rings like Clown C, Ninja, C, Prof G and a lot more. Maybe we can make them viable in pvp. What you guys think? We can start gathering suggestions from the community on where to start and what to tweak. Let's make fRO pvp great again. Yeeaahh. Okay, that's all for now. See ya.
  4. B>High Priest Cring set [2 strike eagle]. Leave offer and ign.
  5. That is not acceptable. It is OP. No magic classes will attack them anymore.
  6. Shadow leap in for_fild was disabled. It's fine during ladder, but not permanently. It will kill the class.
  7. Hello, I'm suggesting to reduce the skill level of Land Pro from Bio G ring. Level 5 seems a bit OP for the class. Please reduce it to just level 1. Thanks.
  8. S>+0 LTD Black Hat of Girl & Blush of Love LBO
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