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  1. Chady

    Website PVP UPDATE

    it's not a problem :) its just a hall of fame.. that wont affect the server to worst thing.. and u can also see some player here doing Fame Feeding for DA.. u can also see some player here Feeding in PVP room to earn Token. And if this suggestion will pass.. hoping that developer can make another rule's about this suggestion. it's about Hall of Fame :)
  2. Chady

    Website PVP UPDATE

    you dont get it :) this is not about the PVP ROOM. this is what we called .. HALL OF FAME in WEBSITE :) no need for pvp token after you become TOP 10 killer's its only for HALL OF FAME .. NEW FEATURE'S MORE PLAYER.
  3. Chady

    Website PVP UPDATE

    i mean is only for Hall of Fame.. I suggested to add Who's in the top killer in-Game as a Propaganda in Website.. It's up to them if they want to FEED to become TOP 1 Killer AND BY THE WAY... INSIDE IN PVP ROOM SO MANY FEEDER JUST TO GET PVP TOKEN :)) it has no different on my suggestion.. This will only add new features in Forsaken-ro.net Website and it can be attraction for new Comer's Why we want to add this new features. 1. For better community 2. To encourage more player 3. To make server pvp a live again. 4. You can enjoy your Item not just to wait for WOE OR BG. 5 More Pvp More Hunger to become TOP KILLER = More Donation for the server
  4. Chady

    Website PVP UPDATE

    this is what i mean :) i hope the GM will see this Suggestion. this is actualy good suggestion to attract more player.. a lot of player love pvp with hall of fame actualy :) this will realy help the server to make PVP alive again #HALLofFame
  5. Chady

    Website PVP UPDATE

    how about do we have pvp update in Website Forsaken Ro ? Top 10 killer Top 1 * Name * Kill 1,490 / Death 520 Top 2 * Name * Kill 1,212 / Death 438 Top 3 * Name * Kill 1,201 / Death 444 Top 4 * Name * Kill 1,113 / Death 690 Top 5 * Name * Kill 980 / Death 511 Top 6 * Name * Kill 813 / Death 280 Top 7 * Name * Kill 801 / Death 359 Top 8 * Name * Kill 730 / Death 413 Top 9 * Name * Kill 658 / Death 612 Top 10 * Name * Kill 580 / Death 167 that will help the server to keep the pvp fun in PVP Area's a lot of people waiting for WOE only or BG to have fun pvp.. it will encourage more player to come and join to our server.. once they find out that we have top 10 player in Website they will Grind and Grind more to become part of our top 10 PVP player's !! Sorry for bad english ? BTW: make the pvp kills counted in Fild and other pvp area's not only in PVP ROOM in @go 25 As u can see guys u can't see many people doing pvp in fild everyday ^^, if we have WEBSITE PVP RANKING's FOR SURE !!! this will help the server to keep the PVP alive again ❤️ and most of all we dont need prizes for Website update who is in the Top 10 players its only for knowing those Strongest pvp player in the Game.. I hope you guys understand what i mean Thank you and let's make the pvp a live again..
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