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  1. 20050139_1923694904310970_2089672671_o.p

    thanks [GM]Genesis for fast action, 
    lesson : if you want to scam others, don't scam poor players, and you'll got banned for nothing. -_-

  2. WTF! Scammer is Real! i am not even rich inside the game, why me? thats the only cards ive got, and you used some names inside in our base. im careless, too much trust on fake persons. #BROKE  

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    2. Neth


      GM already processing it, thanks meg


    3. #MEG


      No online GM this time. LOL. Maybe 2moro pa yan.

    4. Neth


      okay na ate meg, :) online si GM Genesis. nakuha ko na gamit ko. post ko wait

  3. So proud :) Nice Photo Masters
  4. "less talk, do more. prove to them that they are wrong" 
    #accused #Bestrong #7thLord

  5. Neth

    Hi Guys!

    Yeah me too meg, but its fun though. all activities inside the server, our guild. peoples there. awesome! :)
  6. I need to Farm more, more, and more. This is all for my current guild :) so i can be like them also. #Strong!
  7. Neth

    Hi Guys!

    all new players, post here about yourself and your experience from playing our server! :) <3 Rock! Update this forum page :)
  8. any one want to swap in my sinxCjacket? SinxB Scarf|jacket|or Ring, i have 200 toks for the add. :) Help me please. thanks!
  9. 19814218_1738053219541567_1940214065_o.j

    Yey! 6Castle :)

  10. Neth

    Fro with Snacks! <3

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! yeahhhh, 2 is better than 1
  11. Neth

    Fro with Snacks! <3

    Hahahaha! OMG, the other mouse has broken button, and it is silent click/its for farming though. and the other mouse is for my main mouse, hahaha Sorry for that. -_-
  12. is it normal sir? dc all players everytime? or something bad might happen?
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