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  1. I'll make it fast. I'm a legit farmer, never try to bot. Hardwork is my passion. I was bot checked when I was farming berries, but the bot check code was not there cause it exactly flashed when I push the forsaken dungeon pass. So I character select like what I always did, when I came back I know that killing some mobs will flash the bot check again, so I did, and to my surprise, I correctly type the 1st one but the second one (mobs are attacking me) I type the code fast and fail to it, then here I go. In jail for almost 5 moths. RIP FARMING LIFE Fix the bot check issue, I'm giving my best to become geared this happened? So disappointed RIP FRO I pass also a ticket for my printscreen issue but no on is replying yet, so pardon my camera pic of the jail.
  2. What do I have to do to fix this issue? I was bothered when my friend was hacked and to redeem his items, he need a printscreen of it. So I tried to use my PS, and to my surprise this pic comes to my folder. Help me fix this issue. Thanks.
  3. Yah, We understand the rule of demand and supplies, we're just trying to open-up a topic like this, trying to hear (read) some insight from long time players and GMs. Now we saw that it's reasonable, the reason why we don't have to increase the population. Can someone close this topic? 1 other thing: it's nice to know that bots are banned right in the face. Long Life FRO!
  4. Yah, we can deal with it. Coz we all know that in every server non-donator players are just a bunch of garbage in the eyes of the admins, coz what are the benefits they can get to them(us)? Nothing (in form of money). We're just trying to open-up this topic, hoping that someone will understand or someone will make non-donating players make them feel like they are part of the server, but if that's the deal that we have to deal with it, then we'll have to. Cause we love the server that's why we're getting the hell out of us to become geared players, so we can enjoy the server at his finest.
  5. Hmmm... or maybe put some much useful items in voting items menu. Coz Fking set and auras are the only thing that's worth redeeming for, and after getting that, whats next? Nothing. So I think enlarging or making vote items more complicate to choose is a fair thing for the server and for the new comers.
  6. First, there's so many new comers I knew that quits playing when they reach about 2 weeks of playing. They still want to play the server, the server is fun, no joke. But the fun begins when you are geared. They tried to farm to get items (we're poor fella in real world, even here, that's why we can't donate) then lead them to disappointment and discouragement when they realize that being a hard work farmer in this game will won't work, it will take decades for them if they only farm. I knew there;s a lot of guides on faster farming, I tried them all. But to make the long story short, is there any chance to increase the population of mobs in Forsaken Dun or in any farming site? New comers PK each other to dominate the map, that's cool and exciting, but the population of farmers overdue the population of mobs, so my suggestion is, can we increase mobs population even a little bit? Thanks for reading - Work hard, Play hard.
  7. Dear GM. My patcher say the application is an error, I DL it 3 times a day just to play. Please help. I'm a very active player.
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