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  1. 8ball, you might want to support my post way back January 2015 about this matter, because the SB nerf started after that patch 1 update, here's the link: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/30346-reconsider-sb-spam/ title of the thread is: Reconsider SB spam one more thing, i don't know if you already noticed this but the effect of kitty claw was nerfed as well, the -10% skill delay was removed
  2. Kitty Claw's original effect was: Product DescriptionCast delay rate -10%, -10% damage taken from all enemies, +10% Max SP, +15 vit/dex. Unbreakable. but now i noticed that the Cast delay rate -10% was removed im just going to simply ask to put it back because the update already put delay on SB, and removing that Cast delay rate -10% was just too much at least have a consideration on this one thank you
  3. and one more thing, i noticed that you are all saying 3-4 SB now, for the record, its now only 2-3 and most of the time 2 and wait until the animation finish before casting the 3rd one..
  4. im clinging to SB as much as most of the community cling to the bolt thread because no one else would, and I've already explained all possible reason why it should have a reconsideration. all the risk of playing that class was already on the previous comments
  5. ok,let me make my comment a little longer this time... if in any case that the spam of bolt will be back the way it used to be, well, did you consider the fact that those who uses 3rd party program will benefit more?it's almost the same as saying that it's ok to use 3rd party program as long as you are a bolter since there are so many bolters in this server and no one probably won't notice or we're giving out license to use 3rd party program to those who use bolts..yeah, something like that.. and the end game here is: this server is completely free from 3rd party programs users, except for bolters because we make up most of the community..
  6. The difference is: Even when countered by GTB, bolter class,especially prof and hwiz, they still have their friggs and energy coat and they can still fight back using those strip cards on the other weapon or use stave crash with thana(if the player is really rich),but they can still stave crash with inca SB sinX on the other hand, can be countered by dispell and they will become as useless as a rock or use Orc Lord card and die with them, but if lucky,the target will survive and the SB sinX will die by his own damage This is the reason why I'm asking that if the bolt will have a reconsideration, then SB should've as well
  7. This server has a lot of bolter types compared to sb types that's why it's only natural that the community will agree to this thread.
  8. Please do not delete my comment because i already said this hours earlier.. If the spam of bolt were to be back the way it was before, then those people whom y'all calling 3rd party program users will have the day of their life here in fRO.. People are agreeing with this even but disagreeing on putting back the SB spam?that's just too lame
  9. woah,i think my comment in your thread was deleted because as far as I remember I said in there that if the spam of bolt will go back the way it was before, then all those people whom y'all saying uses 3rd party program will have the day of their life here in fRO.. People are disagreeing with this and then agreeing with the bolt?so lame and unfair
  10. well i think this should be reconsidered as well since GM Ares will help the bolt spam delay a reconsideration...
  11. no matter how good you are in switching gears, if the spam sucks,then how could he kill? and also you said something about annoyance build?like SB+ backslide and repeat? If your idea of pro build is using your edge+shield and then let's say add blue ifrit rings + 1amonra on boots and then wait until enemy seed/berry runs out, well that is just way too dumb. SB types are supposed to be fast killers, but now, they can't do that anymore.. gennova, can you name your sinX friends?
  12. i really couldn't care less about your strategy like:"Different enemies and different situations call for different strategies".,"good sinx would just go switch to a different weapon and fight back." because this is a suggestion thread, not TIPS thread.. i'm not as good as you noble people that can switch that fast and i'm not a good sinX as well, i admit that and it also give me another question.. what is the point of these delays? even though we all know that in a group situation he would die instantly if someone hits him? and that Katar sinx became way too reliant on buffs that the moment they get dispelled they are good as dead.Nowadays, when a katar sinx is dispelled, they backslide the hell out, and log out. you already know the weaknesses,yet you're still babbling about abuse? really, all im asking is put it back like before the patch 1 update
  13. Again,from the acronym S.B. which means SONIC BLOW,we are entirely and solely dependent on this particular TWO HANDED SKILL..Rayray, please do not compare us to DAGGER TYPE sinX that wield shield as default because you yourself said that: well it looks like Sonic Blow is just your SECONDARY OPTION so i don't understand why you are so against this, and from my almost a year experience with this server, i rarely see SB sinX on PvP and WoE
  14. 3-4SB?Yeah that is possible before the update,but now,only 2 and you're lucky if you get 3..and for the record,SB type is called SB sinX because it uses KATAR -- a 2 handed weapon,kitty claw for that matter and uses the skill SONIC BLOW, and using EDGE and SHIELD and then normal attack the opponent is NOT a SB sinX because the main focus of a SB sinX is to kill as fast as possible.. and as Roi said, it's not OP because we can't use shield in the first place,so we're the one being abused here,delayed spam and no shield and gennova, the reason why you don't see SB sinX after the update is because of what i'm trying to ask for reconsideration..
  15. i really hope the GM's will see this and reconsider...
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