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  1. illumason24


    Pm me here or ingame IGN: QuasWexExort
  2. illumason24

    S>green Emp!

    2.5k add me IGN: QuesWexExort
  3. Doesnt matter if someone is doing that. 1. If u bought the card and use it, eventually u can sell it for a higher price than the price that u bought it for since u stated that the card price is going up so fast. 2. You're probably one of those people who sold their own kiel cards to him for a higher price since hes buying it for an OP price(100 each) and you're now having a hard time buying cheaper kiel cards since u sold him ure own for an easy token trade. 3. You probably took advantage on whats happening to the kiel cards economy so u made a topic about it so the gm would make the kiel card or other mvp cards drops on a higher percentage. 4. Its a buy and sell economy out there. Cards/Item prices go high and down randomly. Its a risk u would take. 5. Go back to number 3. I think you're plan is working out.
  4. 1k tickets-200 tokens Pls pm me in game : Wild Hudas Im new here so pls respect my offer ty!
  5. Leave comment or pm me in game IGN: Wild Hudas
  6. Just commend ur IGN or pm me IGN: Lois Lane ty
  7. illumason24


    Comment offer ty!
  8. illumason24

    270-300 Ping

    Hi. Can someone help me how to reduce my ping. When i play other online games, ping is 60-90, but then when i play FRO it goes 270-300. Im desperate. I need help! I cant use champ, spam skills ang i lag alot. Someone help me!
  9. I can farm seeds/yggs for you! Just message me here! Thank you.
  10. I'm sorry for asking help but I'd really want to know if the @ali 2345 command is working for you guys. If so could anyone please tell me why it does not work for me? I'd really appreciate it if you would help me. Thanks
  11. GM, theres been a misunderstanding. U see, ive been farming for 2 hours then i got tired so i let my 4th grade bro farm for me. I took a nap and when i woke up, my wizard is already on jail! For 1 Year >.< .. I forgot to tell him about the security for bots so he didnt know what to do and he just randomly type words. Pls reconsider this gm. I swear im not using a bot coz i put all my items on my wizard. I love this game so please dont let me start from zero again. Please help me and reconsider such stupidity. Please! my characters name is Lois Lane Help pls!
  12. Just pm me on game! ign: Lois Lane
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